You already know the laws of attraction can bring in your desires. When you are expanding your universal energy to attract more of your desires, it is important to live in the law in all your waking moments. You can learn to practice living using the laws 24/7. To shift to invite more into your life you need to shift one thought at a time.

Here are five ways that occur in our daily lives that you can use to help towards living a full attraction day and bring in more of your desires:

1. When looking for a parking spot. See your desired spot being available for you. Feel it empty and waiting for you. It is waiting for you to drive right in.

2. Before going shopping for what you want, even if its shampoo, see it on sale. Listen to your body as to where you can find it on sale. Feel it in your hand. See yourself reaching for it off the shelf. Use this method whether it is something small you desire in a store, or to purchase the car or house of your desires, even use it for an item you desire that could be purchased on the Internet.

3. When reviewing your to-do list. See yourself checking off everything. See you completing every task with ease, passion, a delightful child-like giddiness. Feel yourself leaving your desk with everything completed and how you want it completed.

4. Being a tightwad can give you exactly what you practice. It stops attraction. That doesn't mean you spend ridiculously. There is a balance. This begins with a belief change. The new belief you want to change to is: "The more I spend, the more I make."

5. Feel the energy about receiving what you desire as gifts. Gifts people want to give you because they love what you are doing, as a thank you for what you have given to someone else.

Weren't these easy thoughts. Now its time to implement them. Begin by working on one a day. Monday work on number 1 and then continue it for the week. Tuesday pick up number 2 and add it to number 1. Wednesday add in number 3 and add it to number 2 and 1. And continue. Write each one on an index card. Place them in the place that is going to give you a reminder at the moment you need them.

For example: For number 1 place the index card in all your cars. Number 2 place the card on your refrigerator or where you write down your shopping list. Begin practicing this in your kitchen even before you get to the store. Number 3 place by where you to-do list exists. Number 4 needs a mantra card. Number 5 cut out presents from a magazine and paste on a card.

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