So... It’s decided. This year’s X-mas party is not happening at your place, but at your relative’s who resides in a far-off location (which will take you hours to reach).

Huh... That’s unfortunate, not because of the change of location, but because you have to undergo the labour of packing all your holiday ornaments. Your frustration and rage starts to off-set your festive spirits, and all your heart yells out is;

“ Dear Lord, is there an easier way to get this done without busting, damaging or smashing something to smithereens?” 

Truth be told, Jesus isn’t going to help you. But what will, are these packing tips suggested by best movers serving in the Gold Coast region.

  • Stock Up All Your X-Mas Party Supplies

The first thing that you ought to do is stock up all your X-mas party supplies. Surprisingly; the majority of those packing items will be readily available at your house. Those include- wrapping paper, gift boxes, X-mas cookie tins, bubble wraps obtained on appliance purchase, zipper storage bags and even egg cartons for storing away small-sized items.

Look to use each of those items properly for packing away your X-mas party decor items. Not only will it help protect your decorative items, but also save lots of money- which you would have otherwise spent on each of their purchase.

  • Properly Categorise Your Ornaments With Proper Labelling

The next tip suggested by experts offering quality removals throughout Gold Coast is categorising your X-mas holiday ornaments using distinctive markers or appropriate labels.

You can either choose to categorise and organise your holiday ornaments be it BY TYPE (garlands, lights and outdoor decor items), BY DISPLAY (for mantle decor or adorning the X-mas tree) and BY ROOM (the living room, kitchen etc.)

  • Be Extra Cautious With Fragile Or Difficult To Handle Items

When dealing with fragile decorative items- example the delicate X-mas tree ornaments, twinkling lights, look to take extra precautions by covering them with bubble wraps or paper prior to boxing them up. Another option which you can use for safeguarding your small-sized fragile items is holding them in egg cartons. That should help keep them in one place.

Furthermore, when handling garland or X-mas tree lights, ensure they are untangled. Then wrap the bundle using bubble wraps to ensure proper storage and safe transportation.

  • Ensure Each And Every Item Is Secured Appropriately

Once everything is properly organised and wrapped, put them inside appropriate-sized boxes. If you have detachable X-mas tree lights, look to put them together in one box- so it is easier to remember during unboxing. 

Also, look to fill up those empty spaces to prevent those ornament supplies from moving and possible cracking. You can make use of useless paper to fill up the gaps. Secure the top of the box using a towel or a piece of cloth. This will ensure everything is safe and doesn’t break even when being deported from your place to your relative’s.

If you need more tips on how to accomplish seamless packing for your customised moves, speak to a quality ‘removalist near your location and know what you want. They will be happy to answer whatever questions to ask them.

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