What are the secrets to getting a Leo guy to like you? First of all, you need to recognize that men who are Leos are quite active, animated, and determined. If you wan to catch the eye of a Leo then you will have to be active, enthusiastic, and passionate when you approach them. Here are the secrets to getting a Leo guy to like you.

Secret Tips to Getting a Leo to Want You

Men born under the sign of the Leo crave attention; if they could, they would walk around with a giant spotlight over their heads. If you want to get a Leo to like you, you need to be the president of his fan club, always making sure he is the center of your attention.

If you are used to be the superhero in the relationship, then you will need to tone down your personality just a little bit to be the sidekick. Leo’s always want the starring role. If you have no problem being in the limelight a bit, then you have correctly comprehended one of the secrets to getting a Leo guy to like you.

When you like a Leo, do not try to play hard to get. Let him know how you feel with words and the things you do. He will easily fall for your flattery.

Since Leos love the color of gold, doing something as simple as wearing a gold blouse and chain will catch his eye. Gold appear to a Leo’s proud and majestic nature and their love for flashy and spectacular displays. Wearing something gold and flashy will definitely pull his eyes to you.

Very passionate, Leos enjoy life so if you are interested in partnering with these males, you will have to share their lust and enthusiasm for everything. Leo men live life at the moment and enjoy each moment that is given to them.

Leos also love to impress. If you’re in a gourmet Chinese restaurant, and he can order both your meals in perfect Chinese, his heart will puff with pride. He will adore you if you compliment his skill. He’ll be as proud as a peacock.

Men born under the sign of Leo enjoy public displays of affection. There is nothing more that they enjoy than being showered with attention. Your Leo loves this because it allows others to see how desired he is. If you are the type of does not mind kissing and hugging your man wherever you are, then you are the perfect match for a Leo guy.

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