I attracted emotionally unavailable men, men who lived out of state, or traveled a great deal of time. Even though my father was an emotionally absent father, I thought that since I consciously knew it, I'd consciously choose loving relationships with men that were available. Even up to the last relationship I was in prior to having my relationship breakthrough, the guy I was involved with would not commit.

I understood the Law of Attraction principles and thought I was operating well implementing the principles. But there was a piece that was still missing.

As a Law of Attraction Coach and relationship specialist, I'm very clear that those of us who truly want to have a relationship that makes our hearts sing - not just any kind of relationship - but a truly wonderful, fulfilling, love partnership - it takes a certain kind of focused desire.

Most people who are interested in understanding the LOA and how it can work for them in their lives are really asking "What do I need to do? Is there something that I can do different? What I've been doing isn't working." You can create Law of Attraction Relationships right now and increase your level of positive potential!

So you've been asking, and wanting a wonderful, committed love relationship and you want to know WHERE IS HE? WHY DO I KEEP ATTRACTING THE WRONG GUY?

Let's review some LOA basics.
In understanding the LOA, we've established that this is a vibrational Universe - that everything is made of energy. This energy is in constant motion and expansion and is vibrating unceasingly. Everything IS energy. Your thoughts, your shoes, Solar Systems, mosquitoes, Everything. Your thoughts are energy and have the power to create. Your thoughts are creating whether you know about the LOA or not.

The questions is "What types of thoughts are you thinking? What are the quality of your thoughts? Are you giving attention to your desire from a point of expectation or a point of lack?

And by focused desire I mean the kind of desire that is focused uncompromisingly on what you want from the point of view of already having what it is you want, rather than being focused in opposition of what you want.

As we know, the law of attraction teaches "what you focus your attention on will expand in your life experience. So it's very important to understand whether you are desiring from a point of lack or from a point of already having it.

Wanting from the perspective of lack [that is, looking at the lack of it as in 'Where is it?'] puts you in the resisting mode. Better said, the Universe vibrationally matches your thoughts, expectations and your beliefs about your thoughts - you're emitting a dominant vibration about relationship - with situations and people that match your beliefs.

I just got off the phone with a woman in my Magnetic Attraction Program. She wants to know why her complaining, negative friend just got engaged, while she remains single and lonely. Can you hear it? Can you guess why? Does this sound like you? Number 1. Keep your attention on your vibration. What another is doing is none of your business. If you're comparing what's out there to what's going on with you, you'll be doomed every single time. Conscious creation is an inside job. Think and feel your way to what you want. Number 2. The second part is this woman has her attention focused on being single and lonely. The universe can only respond to that! The Universe says: "Oh, Mary wants more of the single and lonely experience. We love her so much and would never go against her free will. Let's give her more of what she's wanting".

The program that I was running was "I'm playing it safe and always hold a little back. This way if things go south, I can always escape without too much hurt".

If you're single and wanting lasting love ask yourself "What's my dominant vibration, limiting belief about it being possible for me? Surface up those blocks and think and feel your way to a better feeling place. You can shift your point of attraction immediately. Now all you have to do is keep it there and enjoy the results.

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