“How to DOUBLE your Profits from a Work-AT-Home Business”
1. Superstar Licensees teach in multiple NICHES because they earn more income and get more referrals. Examples are:
• 1. Elementary school kids 1st to 8th grade.
• 2. High school: freshmen to seniors.
• 3. College: Community Colleges & Four-Year Universities.

2. How to get into these schools:
• A) Parent-Teachers Association. Attend meetings.
• B) Guidance Counsellors:
• C) Principals & Vice Principles
• D) Offer a FREE Mini-Session in SpeedReading101 for parents and students by mailing sent by school.
• E) Small ADS in school papers
• a FREE Mini-Session for both parents & children.
• G) Connect with a school organization & offer then 2-3 FREE Speed Reading works for their membership for help.
• H) Hand-out FLYERS for FREE Mini-Sessions at schools.
• I) Contact ‘Adult-Education’ to offer our workshops.

3. A) Public Libraries: will offer you a classroom inexpensively to hold your FREE Mini-Session and the Workshops.
B) Public Libraries will permit you to POST your FLYER for both FREE Mini-Sessions and Workshops on the Bulletin
Board for potential adults and students to sign-up.

Ask for their names, telephone & email to confirm.

C) Hire coge students to hand out flyers for the FREE Mini-Session in front of the library.

These people are READERS & are attracted to TRIPLE their reading speed because:

• Grads SAVE two-hours daily reading online and in print.
• Read-and-remember up to 300-pages daily.
• Double their long-term memory – permanently.
• ACE their Exams including the SATs
• Win Promotions in their Career.


• The General Public fills 50% of our Speed Reading Workshops. Reach them by having a SpeedReading website that explains the BENEFITS we offer.

• Licensees can go to our Website at www.speedreading101.org and use
any of our text and pictures. You are licensed to say we helped train the WHITEHOUSE staffs of U.S. Presidents:
Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon & Carter.
We helped two (2) million graduate as SpeedReaders.

• Use direct-mail to invite ADULTS & their children to your FREE Mini-Sessions. A good result is up to 80% will give you their credit-card to take the Speed Reading101 workshop.

• 5. Corporate Clients:

• Check the Yellow Pages for a list of companies, organizations & law firms in your niche market.

• We teach classes of executives at their Headquarters.

• We have a choice of one-day, two-day & three-day workshops. A typical workshop is 5-hours. Tuition is based the number of days.

• Classes have 20-30 executives.

• 6. Law Offices: Many law firms have 20-50 employees.
We will go to their offices and teach from 10-25 in a workshop. Lawyers are READERS – all-day, every day.

They often offer our speed reading 101 workshop to their
Paralegals as a company benefit.

• Tax-Benefit: The company can deduct our fee as an education expense from taxable income. The government
Is on your side to have an educated workforce.

More later. See ya.

Copyright © Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, educational director of www.speedreading101.org Business partner of Evelyn Wood,
creator of Speed Reading. We helped graduate 2-million,
plus the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.

Call Gene at 877-567-2500, and ask for special Tuition discount for readers of self-growth.
We can help you read-and-remember 300-pages daily. Save TWO-Hours daily permanently. See: www.speedreading101.org
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