It is good to have a state of well-being that is praiseworthy. It is great to have a quality of mind that will enable you manifest the greatness in you as you take a sagacious course and have monetary self-sufficiency.

You do not need to live your life working for money, it is an average life. Understand the secrets of the wealthy and do things that worth much. Be full of remarkable performance that is out of the ordinary and have personal fulfillment, that will enable you exercise a decisive role in influencing the affairs of life.

Live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty. Bring yourself to a level where you can experience true fulfillment and ever-increasing success that will make your projects a done deal and your dream a great deal.

Do not do things hastily, carelessly or in perfunctory manner. Do not do things that will bring down your reputation rather maximize every chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage and accumulate great number of wealth to you.

You are the perfection of all creation. You have the best in this life. You are a treasure of infinite worth. See beyond the part of your mind where ideas, thoughts and images are formed. Have the ability to form greater images and ideas in the mind, especially wealth secrets you have never seen or experienced directly.

You are not making valiant attempt through life! You were born with the nature of love. You are full of love; you have the fruit of your recreated human spirit. You love people for who they are!

Function by the dimension of God`s kind of love. Love everybody you meet legitimately, let your love stand the test of time. Love others fervidly and earnestly; let your love be real and inspiring. Move up to a higher level of love that thinks and talks in a different way. Be a passionate soul-winner.

Speak words that correct a negative situation, get things better as you encourage one and all. Do God'`s perfect will, walk in God`s love, believe in others in this day and age, be on the right track in your life, love the right person and make up your mind to walk in love always.

You have true peace and fulfillment to be filled with delight; make every active use of energy in producing a result capable of being realized to be a person who is trusted and expected to snatch a situation or someone from the jaws of death.

Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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