Secrets of the Woman Who Lived Longest – Documented 122 years
And What’s In-It-For-You.

• 1. You can claim you are the oldest living human, but French woman, Jeanne Louise Calment, had the records to prove it.

• 2. What did Ms. Calment do, that you & I can duplicate for health & longevity. She remained healthy and with all-her-marbles, until she kicked-the-bucket at 122. Nice, right?

• 3. For Brainiacs & the Impatient: three (3) unique behaviors:

• a) added Extra Virgin Olive Oil to “everything” she ate, but milk.
She even rubbed it all over her skin - daily.

• b) Jeanne Calment drank Port wine as part of her daily diet. She exclusively used Port from Duoro, Portugal. It is still the best & healthiest.
• c) Chocolate: ate two-pounds of bitter-sweet, every week of her adult life.

• 4. She was born in Arles (Guiness Book of Records) in 1875, and cashed-in-her-chips in Arles in 1997. She said she knew Vincent van Gogh, who she thought peculiar, & the town thought was a professional wacko.

• 5. Calment smoked intensely until five-years before age 122 & 164 days. Would you give up the ghost even Days, before your time, if you were healthy and in your right-mind? It’s all precious time, right? Ask an 80 year-old, if he/she would give-away five good Days?

• 6. Weird fact: her maiden name was Calment, and she married her cousin, who was Fernand Calment. She lived an upper-class life, and never indulged in chronic stress. “If I cannot change it, I ignore it like a dead, smelly cat.” She was “unflappable”, to the end.

• 7. Briefly, what’s so great about Olive Oil, extra-virgin (first pressing) or not? Even 1-2 teaspoons daily for a week, causes a
positive chemical effect in your body? What kind?
• 8. It’s an “anti-inflamatory”, and “anti” free-radicals”. Olive Oil (not Popeye’s sweetheart), helps assimilate Vitamins A, D, & K.
It contains healthy acids your body cannot manufacture.

• The latest research (Google it) indicates EVOO helps control your blood pressure, improves respiration and circulation. It allegedly inhibits heart disease, and some forms of the big C.

• 9. Some scientists offer evidence EVOO – slows aging. The big action is its “Phenols” & Vitamin E protect you from the negative effects of Free-Radicals. Like death. Yes, really.

• 10. We like Calment’s favorite natural condiment because it tastes delicious, and has less calories than any other oil. It is healthier than vegetable oil, and some experts claim it stabilizes dieting success.

• 11. Port wine is a sweet dessert beverage. International experts claim Port fights “free-radicals”, and repairs damaged cells. Want more? “Tannins” (skin & seeds) of the grape prevent (maybe), heart attacks.

• 12. “Quercetin” in the grape used for Port, accelerates healing, & acts as an “anti-inflamatory”. But wait, there’s more. It ages in a cask for three-years, and has a dose of Brandy for sweetness.

• 13. Port wine has 20% more alcohol than other wines. More calories, but healthier. Remember this line: Port aids, “fight, flight, and luv at first-sight!” Now you never forget the benefits of Port.

• 14. Oh yeah, Ruby Port from Portugal is the best. It is “crusted,” with seeds & vines at the bottom. Strain it or choke to …

• 15. Brainiacs: free-radicals are atoms with an odd, unpaired number of electrons. They attack the nearest stable (heathy) molecule, and steal its electron. Destabilizes, and knocks-it-off.

• So drink your daily Port, “Easy-Breezy!” Why?
“That’s what gets-results!”

We suggest (ask your primary physician or Reflexologist, first) you test Jeanne Louise Calment’s longevity diet. You be the judge of its effect on your mind-body connection. Remember our approach, “No matter how ridiculous it appears, IF IT WORKS, USE IT!”

See ya,
Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

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H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents. and see the Jimmy Carter interview. Visit: Youtube: "speed reading 101 at Columbia Univeristy."