Do you really know what love means? Do you know how to love your husband unconditionally? Are you aware of the changes that this can bring in your relationship? Many women say they are in love as well as all wives say they love their husband. But do all of them truly understand what these 4-letter word means?

Women fall in love easily. They can fall in love with a man who meets their standards, with a man whom they thought is Mr. Right - and they can even fall in love with the idea of love. However, not all of them know how to express their love. Do you know how to show him how much you love him?

Expressing your unconditional love is challenging. It requires faith, trust, respect, ability to forgive and to not judge and all the important ingredients of what they call true love. If you think you have it all, then follow these tips and you will easily learn the art of expressing your love.

Tip #1: Love Yourself

You must know how to love yourself before you can love someone else. Loving yourself includes accepting your faults. You must understand that you are not perfect - all are because people are just human. You commit mistakes, you need support and encouragement and all the things that would make a person complete. To be able to love someone, you must know how to love yourself despite everything that you can't give and do.

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Tip #2: Be a Good Listener

Communicate with others and be a good listener. There is always something behind your husband's words. These are like codes that you need to decipher - you can only understand his feelings once you know what those words really mean. In order to be good at it, you need to communicate with other people and practice how to be a good listener. Sometimes, your husband needs someone who will listen to him and not somebody who will give him advice.

Tip #3: Love Him Unconditionally

When you were a child, you love your parents because they care for you and they are always at your side whenever you need them. Your parents punish you but still provide you with your wants and needs. Though you discovered that they are not perfect, your love for them never fade. That is what unconditional love is and that is the kind of love that you need to show your husband. Just like you, he is also a human who makes mistakes. Express your love by showing how much he means to you despite of his imperfection.

Tip #4: Learn to Forgive

It is never easy to forgive especially if the damage done is huge and serious. However, if you truly love this man, you will learn how to forgive him no matter what he did. It may not happen overnight but you will be able to forgive him. Once you do, your relationship will be better and stronger.

You can express your love in many simple ways although sometimes you will need to exert so much effort. However, every effort you make definitely worth's everything.

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Do you feel like there is something behind his gestures? Does he know exactly what will make you happy? Does he make you feel important? There is no doubt that he loves you. If a man can't say how much he loves his woman, he does everything that will make her feel happy. But the question is, do you love him too?

Some men can't say "I love you," that's why they have to do a lot of things like spending more time with the women they love, and treating her special. Do you notice him doing things like this? How will you let him know that you love him too if he can't directly say "I love you?"

Just like men, you can also express your love silently. This is not very difficult to do. Here are some things that you can do to let him know you love him too, and eventually prompt him to say "I love you."

Tip #1: Play His Favorite Sports

Learn how to play his favorite sport and enjoy weekends playing with him. If you think you can't handle his favorite sport, you can go to a sporting event which he likes the most. Buy ticket for two and surprise him. Ask him out when his favorite team plays and tell him you have a surprise for him. He will be speechless once he find out what your surprise is.

Tip #2: Send Him a Card

You know that he loves you when he sends you flowers, but he will know that you love him too if you will send him a card. Most women don't think that men would like to receive a card but they actually do. Whether it's a "thank you" card, a special card or whatever kind of card, he will definitely appreciate it.

Tip #3: Always Smile

You will notice him staring at you most of the time, and the best way to respond is to give him a sweet smile. Because he loves you, a simple smile is enough to melt his heart. This will also lead him to expressing his true feelings.

Tip #4: Give Him Simple Treats

Men also want to receive treats from their special someone. Remember how much you love to receive chocolates and flowers? That's the same thing that he feels when he receives a special treat from you. You can buy a shirt with his team logo on it, a new CD from his favorite band - anything that you know he'd like. This will send him the idea that you think about him.

Tip #5: Prepare His Favorite Dish

You can invite him for a friendly dinner at your place and cook his favorite meal. Since you already know that he loves you, make your dinner special by buying special wine and playing a romantic song. With all these, there is no doubt that you will hear him say "I love you" any minute. The next thing you know, "I love you, too" just came out of your lips.

He does everything for you because he loves you. Now, it's your turn to do something special to let him know that you love him, too.

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What do you know about the love pheromone? Do you have any clue as to what it is about? Irregardless of what you know, do you believe in them? There was once a famous individual named Napoleon Bonaparte who sent her loved one, Josephine, a note telling her not to wash. Many wonder as to why be that so. Hence, after a few scientific studies, scientist found out about love pheromones. You may not vividly see and understand what it's all about. Here are some tidbits about it and how they work.

1. Romantic attraction starts in the brain. Whether it is your best friend or the person you just met in the coffee shop, a relationship starts with the feeling of attraction. But how come we are attracted to one certain person and not to other people? Pheromones greatly play that role. It exists in humans wherein another person can detect them. For example, a guy's underarm scent is the human love pheromone. The brain seems to be detecting those things.

2. It is still a controversial item. The existence of these things in humans is still under debate. However, a study was conducted by Stern and McClintock about it and has claims that a scent of a person proves the existence of the so-called pheromones. They say that the vomeronasal organ can sense these things. It also includes its receptors as well as the terminal nerve endings located in the nostrils.

3. They are coined as the invisible social magnets. You wont' wonder why as to why they are coined as that. After all, it is some force that can relate to the social behavior of individuals. Many also consider it as the sex appeal. You will notice that you aren't attracted to the most handsome guy but instead you steam up to the guy who has so much sex appeal. When you come to think of it, it's an irony. The laws of attraction are completely different in the real life. Not even science could clearly explain about attraction.

4. It increases the sex drive of an individual. When one uses synthetic pheromones, they get a boost in their confidence. What is more is that, heterosexual males have increased sexual drive. They feel that they are attracted to women and in return, women get attracted to them. Both of them will feel an instant love connection. Let's just say that there is an increased approachability.

You may hear people saying that "their love is a good chemistry". That is because they have the same chemicals that are activated in the same areas of their brain. You can say that love is such an extraordinary experience. There's even science to it. Your brain plays an important role. After all, it is up to the brain as to whether or not to respond to the so-called chemicals of attraction. Although this hasn't been actually proven, many believe by it. There have been lots of scientific basis yet most scientists are still not contented. No matter what the outcome is, you have got to believe that there is one person meant for you. There is a person who is bound to get attracted to you.

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