Secrets of How to Keep Your Man Happy: How to Keep Your Man in Love with You

Do you wonder how to keep your man happy? Does he seem distant or unfocused? Are you worried that your relationship may be on thin ice? Nearly every relationship has its' ups and downs. Although improving a relationship does take effort, the rewards of working through problems are well worth the endeavor. Here are five steps you can take right away to improve your relationship.

Step 1: Recommit

Recommit, right now, inside your heart. If you're concerned about how to keep your man happy this is one of the biggest steps you can take. Internal change is all about you. Think of how you were when the two of you first started to fall in love, and consider what you did to make him commit in the first place. By recommitting inside your heart and mind, you take the first step toward rebuilding your relationship.

What can you do to make your man crazy about you? Is it possible to make your man love you forever and ever?

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Step 2: Make Improvements

From time to time, your home needs to be maintained and even improved. The same can be said about us, as people. Everyone needs to take time for himself or herself, and you are no different. How to keep your man happy? One of the easiest solutions is to be the best version of you that you can be.

If you have stopped taking the best care of yourself you can, it's time to start improvements. Don't make a big production of it, just start making little changes. If you stay in your pajamas in the morning, start getting dressed right away. If you have gained weight, begin eating sensibly and start getting a little exercise. Often, one simple change will lead to another, and you'll begin to look and feel like yourself again.

Step 3: Focus on His Needs

Every man loves to be cared for. If you have doubts about how to keep your man happy, then spend some time thinking about what he needs, mentally and physically.

Perhaps your man simply wishes that the two of you could spend more time together. If he often voices his concern over the way your time is spent, redefine your priorities. Make dinner a few times a week if you don't already, and be sure to put your heart into it. Make his needs a main concern, and you'll soon be reaping the rewards.

Step 4: Rediscover Intimacy

Sometimes, sex is one of the first things to go when you're in a committed relationship. If you want to know how to keep your man happy, this is one way you can start to improve your relationship immediately!

Remember how you used to really put an effort into attracting your guy and making him commit? Do it again, today.

Step 5: Consider Therapy

Sometimes people feel at a loss and feel strange talking to friends or family about relationship problems. A professional therapist can help you better understand how to keep your man happy and keep the good feelings alive. Whether you decide to work as a couple or get help on your own, online counseling is an excellent resource.

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Remember those old relationship advice columns? Did you ever think about writing in? What kind of questions would you ask if you could? People who specialize in helping answer the questions many of us are afraid to ask have been giving advice for years - and the questions you have could be almost like those your grandmother would have asked.

Common Questions

Ever since the days when Adam and Eve first got to know each other, people have needed help with intimate relationships. Relationship advice columns have always been a great way for people to get help with tricky questions, without letting anyone know who's asking. And, if you've never noticed, it seems like people ask common questions that you might like to know the answers to, yourself!

Searching For Advice

Some of the most popular relationship advice columns have been around for decades. Many of them are in syndication, and lots of the most popular advice is available online.

Many of today's relationship experts first became interested in helping others with relationship problems because they enjoyed all that relationship advice columns had to offer! So, if you've got a specific question, think about asking a professional counselor who specializes in relationships about your problem - you're likely to get an answer that is perfectly suited to you, instead of a general catch-all answer.

Common Questions

Many of the questions people ask relationship experts in columns have a familiar ring to them. "How do I tell my boyfriend I cheated on him?" or "My friend is being cheated on - how should I tell her what I know?" These questions, and the answers you get, can be life changing.

If you are worried about remaining anonymous, don't worry. Professionals must keep personal information confidential or risk losing any credentials they might hold! Expert professionals are interested in helping you to solve your problems and improve your life - they certainly don't want to make things harder for you.

Do You Need Help With a Relationship Question?

There's no need to wonder whether you're making the right decisions in your relationship. Also, there is no need to tell your darkest secrets to those closest to you. In fact, a professional therapist can help you get to the bottom of your problems without causing any embarrassment.

If you have made mistakes in your relationship, like lying to your partner or cheating on him or her, or even if you think you're being cheated on, a knowledgeable expert can help you to get to the root of your problems and help you find a solution that can make you feel like yourself again. Often, all it takes is a few sessions. Best of all, online counseling is completely confidential. Although there is no shame in seeking help, many people prefer to keep problems private.

Relationship advice columns are great. They can be very entertaining, and even insightful. But if you need a specific remedy for a specific problem that's all your own, then consider getting professional help. You'll be glad you did.

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Do you want to make a man want you, but all you succeed in doing is getting his attention for a short span of time? Would you like to have him really desire you in a deep and fulfilling way? Are you not quite a 10 and you think that's going to keep you from making a man want you?

Getting a man to want you isn't all about how you look. Sure, it's going to play into it, but not as much as you may think. For one thing, different guys will go for different styles of girls. You just have to be ready to be at your best when the guy who has the hots for your style walks in. Always look great, and add to any look you conjure up a great smile.

Getting His Attention

You want to stand out in a crowd, but beware of how you go about it. Let's say you're naturally the shy, quiet type. You're capable of socializing in an acceptable manner, but you're not the flamboyant, outgoing type. You really want to attract the guy who's into quiet reserve, calm serenity and in depth discussions with a girl who can sit down and converse adequately.

If you set your mind on going out there and being the star of the show, forcing yourself to be more outgoing that you truly are, that guy you want and who would have really liked the real you will pass you by. And the guy you attract? He'll be bummed out when he sees you were just faking it.

Piquing his Interest

Now that you've caught his attention, draw him in closer all while remaining reserved. You don't want to be giddy with joy because he's paying attention to you. To make a guy want you, you need to hold back and make him step forward. Give a few telltale details about you, but don't make this an exposé. When a guy has plenty more to discover about a girl who's already aroused his curiosity, he'll never tire of learning about her. It can make him want you all the more.

Be bold enough to say no if he wants to see you again. It'll intrigue him and when you tell him you have plans to go... let's say paragliding, he'll be wowed. Another interesting thing about you!

Never Give too Much

As women, we tend to want to nurture, to care, to tend to and, we really just want to be with that hot guy we find so adorable. We want to spend all our time with him and the thought of doing something without him seems outrageous. Why go lunch with the girls when you can picnic with him? Why have supper at your mom's when you can be with him? Why spend an hour at the gym when you can spend that hour with him.

Because men love women who can show an ounce of independence. If you can do your own thing, he'll appreciate it and will be all the more eager to see you again when you do have the time to be with him.

That perfect balance is the best way to make a guy want you. Play it right, and he'll be yours.

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