How to Keep a Man Happy In a Relationship

The question of how to keep him in love with you is one that many women have wondered about in relation to their boyfriend. Unfortunately men aren't always as emotionally invested in the relationship as we are. You may find that you are often silently questioning just how devoted he is to you. If you've been feeling that way, your initial reaction may be to try and get him to talk about what he's feeling and what you can do to make him love you more than does. In most cases this approach just isn't going to get you the results you want which is a more devoted, committed boyfriend. There are things you can do though that will draw him closer and make him fall even deeper in love than he already is.

If you want to know how to keep him in love with you first consider how you make him feel about himself. Men are much more likely to stay in love with women who make them feel like better men. If you've fallen into the trap of trying to change who he is or suggest ways he can improve his life, that's most likely coming across as nagging or criticism to him. Instead, focus on something about him that you absolutely adore. Make certain he knows how much you love that quality about him and how much you appreciate what he brings to your life. Let him help you with things and ask him to do specific things for you. Men want to feel like the knight in shining armor for the woman in their lives. Treat him this way and he'll definitely stay hooked.

Another thing to consider when you are thinking about how to keep him in love with you is to ensure you keep your own interests alive. Many women make the crucial mistake of giving up aspects of their life for the man they are involved with. This typically includes things like spending less time with other friends and letting hobbies or career aspirations fall by the wayside. Virtually all men want to be with women who have interesting and dynamic lives outside the relationship. Ensure that you don't give up everything just to be with him. It will come back to bite you when he decides that the relationship isn't as fulfilling as he'd like.

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Do you need that special little trick that will really tip the scale and have your guy giving you all of his love? Are you kind of on the right track, but you feel like the relationship isn't growing fast enough? Would you like to know what some of the greatest seductresses of all time did to win the heart of their strong and busy men?

Being a seductress isn't something that comes naturally to many women. We tend to sit back and let the guy woo us. But taking the reins every once in a while can have great benefits. Take a modern twist to these old tricks and watch how they affect the man in your life.

The Josephine Bonaparte Competition

This woman didn't just take it easy and leave the seduction to the man in her life. She took action. While her man of interest barely took notice of her, she would parade about town with a handsome young man or two on her arm.

When a man takes for granted that a woman is exclusively interested in him, he can get lazy. He knows he has her and doesn't bother working to keep her interested.

But if a competitor steps into the ring, it leaves him no choice but to up his game.

Cleopatra's Secluded Getaway

She whipped up what virtually every man dreams of. Taking him away from all the worries and strife, she assured he spent a few calm and relaxing days in her presences. Catering to his every desire, the focus was entirely and exclusively on his well being.

The stress and strain of everyday life can often bring a man down, tire him out and leave him with little time or energy for you. Instead of constantly expecting him to do for you, spend a little time doing for him.

A weekend retreat can do wonders to a man and no doubt he'll associate that sense of relaxation and well being with you. If a weekend is impossible, you can still arrange for a heavenly night tending to your man.

Soft music, scented candles and great tasting comfort food will have him melting in your hands.

Put your own modern touch to these tips and watch out for the results.

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Do you want to seek true love? Do you want to see yourself happy? Do you want your man to be devoted to you? The answer to all these questions is a DEFINITE YES.

Questions like these can trouble you. So what is the perfect way to earn a man's love and affection?

Read on to know.

One cannot buy love. You have to earn it. You have to work really hard if you want to find the perfect mate. It's difficult. But these few tips will put you on the right track. Don't ask for his love - Earn it!

Emit positive energy.

Everybody likes to be around people who are happy and fun. People with a positive attitude automatically spread cheer. Good vibes will attract good men. And how do you emit positive signals? By being self-confident and independent. Men just love that quality in a woman. Love your life. Love your friends and family. That will make you a beautiful person from the inside. In no time, guys will be falling for you.

Pay attention to yourself.

Take some time from your daily routine to focus on yourself. Your appearance, your outfits, your career,your family,your hobbies. Don't just throw that away for a guy. Don't depend on a man to complete your life. There are better things to do in the world than just dating a guy. Enrich your life by experiencing the other things around you.

Start out by being friends.

Friendship is the most beautiful relation anyone can have. Make him your best friend. Look around you. Friendship is the foundation of a strong and successful relationship. It is the first step towards romance. Check out the benefits. You already know the guy. You obviously like him. That's the reason for you being friends with him in the first place. It's much easier than being with a stranger.

Share and care.

Don't rush to the bed! Get to know him well. Share his joy and sorrow. Share his dreams. Show that you are concerned about him. Let him know that you are capable of taking care of yourself and him.

A guy always like it when a woman is sensitive and caring.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these simple guidelines and make the guy go nuts. There is no way he will let you go after this. You surely will find the man of your dreams.

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Stop Playing Games

When you were just getting to know the guy, you probably played a lot of games with him. You flirted with him and played hard to get. It worked and pretty soon you were a couple. Have you stopped playing the games yet? If not, you're not going to make him fall completely in love with you until you let him get to know the real you.

Open Up to Him

He is never going to reveal his true feelings about you until he trusts you with them. Do you still hide your secret fears from him? Do you act differently around him than you really feel inside? Share your feelings with him and especially, be ready to let him share his with you. Open communication is a vital step towards real intimacy.

Lighten Up

You may be so anxious to make him commit that you've forgotten the fun side of your relationship. Live in the moment and enjoy everything you've got together now. Instead of wishing that he would go down on his knees and confess his undying love for you, appreciate the fact that you've got a guy who loves to be with you.

Don't Suffocate Him

A common mistake that girls make is to always want to be with a guy. This is especially true if they are afraid the guy isn't truly in love with them. You'll never find out for sure if you don't let him off his chain. If you're getting the feeling he's starting to want to escape from you, give him some space or you'll lose him for sure.

At the same time you're giving him a breath of fresh air, give yourself one, too. If you realize you can live without him, it will be good for you and will make him realize how much you mean to him. If you really want to make him fall for you, you're going to have to make him realize that he can't take your love for granted.

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