4 secrets of the Groin kick Self Defense.

More and more people today are employing the Greek Maxim, "mens sana in corpore sano" or a sound mind is a sound body,, and becoming informed of the importance of physical exercise.The practice of self defense as a martial art can be a good appendage to a physical fitness program.

1) Self Defense Self or third party Through the practice of martial arts or the art of self defense, we obtain knowledge and proficiency over time, designed to deal with the attacks of either armed or unarmed attackers, thereby escalating the likelihood of success in ensuring your own physical security, or that others whom may be at hazard of violence of any type.

2) Physical Development One of the primary and most vital benefits of the practice of martial arts in general, and self defense in particular, is the obligation for physical work and coordination, that develop the skill sets of each particular practitioner, to the crest of their own competence, in several areas of physical activity, including aerobic conditioning, flexibility, agility and strength, among others.

3) Mental and Emotional Development - Another instantaneous benefit to the practitioner of self defense is the development of character traits in addition to physical fitness, these include quick decision making, a resistance to frustration, perseverance, humility, persistence and sound values, all foundation blocks for success in practical human vocations. The physical and emotional health of the practitioner of Self defense are both enhanced through the practice of the art.

.In short, we can say that the practice of Self Defense creates in the individual, as a result of the benefits described above, a feeling of confidence and security in their own potential, which translates into a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, as you feel fit to handle with situations of risk, you deal with severe situations, or handle crises in any order. While self defense is considered a preventative action against the occurrence of conditions we can't anticipate, the result is rational, vigilant behavior influenced by the mindset of defense as the first thought.

The groin kick in self defense is undoubtedly a useful weapon in close combat conditions. (Any guy who’s ever come crashing down on the crossbar of his bicycle knows that.) Of course there are more than a few mistakes that the martial artist can make in utilizing the groin kick in self defense. - these mistakes can wind up damaging you as a result if you don't pay particular attention to the nuances of technique.

Self defense Groin Kick Secret 1, The groin kick works best in close quarters!

Don't try to strike with a groin kick from long range. As men, we have an unconscious radar that registers when somebody is going to hit our groin. This makes it harder to deliver an efficient groin kick because he’s more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.

Self Defense Groin kick secret 2, Watch out for the HeadButt!

Self defense groin kicks, when used as taught in most “time-honored” training settings, use a “linear” approach that places the martial artist exactly in front of their attacker. The natural reaction of a body struck with a groin kick is to bend forward radically, if you try a groin kick from the immediate front of your attacker you are positioned directly in the pathway of your attacker's head as it comes forward rapidly on an spontaneous downward arc. Needless to say, you don’t want to transform your groin kick against your attacker into a “headbutt” that takes YOU out of the fight. This IS for “self defense” remember!

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret 3: Attack HIGH First!

A blow up high on the attacker's body, will offset the natural headbutt reaction of your attacker's body.This will also camouflage the groin kick making it difficult for him to decipher, and you can put more power in your delivery..

Self Defense Groin Kick secret 4: Shift your Body to the Side!

The secret to appropriate execution for a self defense groin kick then is to kick while shifting your body vaguely to the SIDE as you kick. By executing the kick in this way you will both deliver extra power, but also make sure that you are out of the course of your attackers head as he falls forward to the ground.

Contemplate all of these tactics the next time you train for the self defense groin kick! For more information Click Here!

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