Secret of High Energy Living

The term energy crisis is not limited to melting ice caps and carbon footprints; it can show up much closer to home. One of the major issues affecting relationships and health in the 21st century is lack of energy. Personal energy levels seem to be on the decline, with people frequently complaining about not having enough energy or time to fully enjoy life.

A multitude of relationship problems and health issues are created because people simply don’t have enough energy to live life to the full. Do you ever find yourself feeling tired, overworked, overwhelmed and generally a bit on the grumpy side?

Work pressure, relationship issues, parenting, financial worries and fears for the future all drain energy and create stress. Stress leaves people feeling tired, wound up and low in energy. We live in a fast paced, I need it yesterday world where the only constant is change. And when everything changes we must adopt new coping mechanisms. Learning to successfully raise your energy levels is crucial to living a high quality life.

No one wants to feel drained, exhausted and stressed out all the time. And why should you when being full of energy is your birthright. Energy is the fuel humans are designed to function on. You need regularly topped up, high quality energy for optimum health and wellbeing.

Everyone is familiar with energy and describes it in different ways. How many times have you said or heard others say 'I feel full of energy' or 'I am low in energy'? Have you heard people speak of 'having ‘no energy left at all’? We speak of liking and disliking someone’s energy or vibration. Energy is very much part of our experience and common language.

I have researched life energy for many years and worked with numerous people who recognize that problems in relationships often stem from not having enough energy. Relationships seldom get the quality of attention they really deserve. At the end of a busy workday people are often too tired to speak, let alone relate. And when you put energy out and never seem to get any back it inevitably leads to frustration and bad feeling.

Children often suffer because busy parents are unable to provide the level of attention and focused energy children crave. After a long day at work time spent with children is often purely practical doing things like, homework and trying to get them to eat, wash and sleep. All children really want to do is play and have adults bare witness to their activities, but in our crazy world adults come home so drained and all spent up that energy wise they simply don’t have additional energy to give.

Children easily get disappointed and start acting up. Adults also feel hurt when those they love don’t have time or energy for them. We all know what it feels like to be let down and disappointed when we are passionate and excited about something or someone. We share our energy with others only to get a blank stare in return. And sometimes we are the ones saying, can we leave it until tomorrow or do you mind if we stay home tonight. We all seek excuses to mask the fact that we simply don’t have energy to spare.

There are many ways energy resources get drained; overwork, exhaustion, insufficient exercise, poor diet, constant worrying, plus not enough alone-time to re-fuel. Think about it, even your car gets an MOT and a regular service. No one expects a vehicle to run on empty and I am sure you always give your car the best fuel you can afford. So how about you? Surely you deserve the best. After all, most people want increased vitality, better relationships and high-energy living.

Maintaining a balanced flow of energy throughout your body, mind and spirit is the secret to health, good relationships and general successful living. It’s all about creating ease within, because when you are not creating ease in your life you are creating dis-ease. This is why we say health is wealth. No amount of money can buy health, time or energy. Therefore it makes no sense loosing your health, time and energy in the pursuit of wealth. So what is needed to keep you healthy, your family happy and ensure optimum health in all areas of life?

I recently developed Energy 4 Life an intensive health and success programme working with individuals, groups and organisations. Coaching people to overcome obstacles and achieve health, happiness and success. Clients learn to raise their energy levels by understanding how they use and abuse personal energy resources.

Life is all about energy and how you manage it. Relationships and how you communicate with people also boils down to how you use your energy. Put negative energy out into the world and the same will flow back. When you put positive energy out, the same returns to you. When you understand this new energy based paradigm and learn tools and skills for managing energy – your vital life force, you will always have all the Energy 4 Life you need.

Energy 4 Life consists of four main modalities each relating to one of four elements.
• Energy exercises re-energises your body Earth
• Energy psychology releases stress and frees the mind Air
• Energy rich foods re-vitalise your system Fire
• Energy balance relaxes and calms Water

We teach all these modalities on the Energy 4 Life practitioner training. Getting to grips with how we balance our personal energy supplies is essential for healthy and successful living. Energy 4 Life works with the ancient chakra (energy centres) system and aims at the very core of our existence providing a simple alternative to how we view and cope with life. How are you using your energy and how could you use it better, becomes the main question?

Energy is the matrix connecting all aspects of life. So by looking at how we use our energy and finding ways to increase vitality and passion, we can address life issues as diverse as raising our children, developing spiritually and improving in business or career.

Despite the times we live in being full of crisis and fear and the time we spend at work getting longer and more stressful we can still raise our energy levels and generally improve the overall quality of our lives. Energy 4 Life uses powerful but simple tools that work on the energetic and molecular level creating change from inside out.

Here are seven energy enhancers from the training.
Seven secrets that support high-energy living
• Begin your day 30 minutes early and have more time every day
• Increase your awareness daily of what's really important to you
• Own up to your weaknesses but focus on your strengths
• Quit struggling and celebrate being whoever and wherever you are
• Enjoy the journey – this moment is all we really have
• Stop and relax for at least 2 minutes in every hour
• Remember if you are not creating EASE in your life you are creating dis-ease
The secret of high-energy living is to have alone time everyday and use it to do a little something towards your health, happiness and success. If you want to know more about Energy 4 Life and you are interested in changing your life and supporting others to change theirs, please contact for a full Energy 4 Life training brochure.

Author's Bio: 

Caroline Shola Arewa is a Health and Success Coach with over twenty years experience of helping people make important life changes. Shola’s newsletter and free e-course are available from For more information on the popular Energy 4 Life Training visit 0845 130 1918