Are you are aiming to pursue your degree from Oxford University? Good for you and your academic pursuits!
Unarguably, the name of Oxford appears in a list of top universities across the world. Turning in an outstanding application essay to gain a cherished seat in this university is a challenging feat to achieve. Therefore, most students seek the help of eminent essay typer to gain an opportunity to live their dream.
In this article, we provide you with a remarkable example which will help you to complete your application essay of Oxford university like the best minds of the assignment help.

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Requirements of Personal Essays at Oxford University:
If you are planning to impress the admission board with your essay this year at the Oxford University, it is necessary to check their requirements.
There are no hardbound rules as such to write an application essay for Oxford University.
Keep the following requirements in mind while writing your application essay:
• Tutors at Oxford are solely interested in the academic ability and potential of a candidate.
• They require to understand that you are truly committed to the subjects you want to pursue.
• Do not write essays as if you are ticking things off a list.
• Do not include too many keywords and phrases in your essays.
• Understand facts to demonstrate what has motivated you to apply for the course.

Example of an application essay according to the requirements of Oxford :
Suppose, you are given to write an essay on the following topic:
“The business of business is business. Is this true?”

To write an application essay on this topic like a pro essay typer, you can take ideas from the following example:
“I agree with the statement that the business of business is business. However, I challenge anyone who states that a business depends exclusively on the basis of profits and material success. I did the job of a salesperson to earn pocket money. As a part-time sale person at the Central Bank of Switzerland, I generally found myself standing at the crossroads of business ethics. I faced the arduous task of balancing the fine line between responsibilities towards my employer, shareholders, and those of my clients.

I have seen the judgement of salespeople clouded by quick moneymaking opportunities. Initially, I was one of them due to insufficient knowledge of the trade structure and potential market risks. To build a solid reputation with clients, I reached out for guidance from my seniors who enlightened me.
To me, personal integrity and maturity are critical attributes of a good leader. A good leader not only has the sole responsibility of commanding others but also requires to develop vital critical skills to guide the followers.
At Oxford, I aim to develop skills that will enable me to expand my remarkable ethical compass. I aim to pursue knowledge that would guide me, and effectively help me out to solve complex ethical dilemmas remarkably.”

Bonus Tip:
One of the effective ways to impress the admission board of Oxford University right away is to submit a polish and refined essay. A faulty paper may lead your application essays to land in the rejection pile, however brilliantly they are written. Proofread and edit your application essays to leave a long-lasting impression. You can always take the assistance of proofreading services if required.

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