Muslims believe in Allah and His last Prophet. Whatever Allah and His Prophet order to Muslims, Muslims accept it. They do whatever Allah orders. It is a strong faith of Muslims that without seeing Allah, Muslims do everything that He orders. Holy Prophet told us each and everything about Allah. He told us all the ways of performing all the worships of Allah. It is the belief of Muslims that Holy Prophet told each and everything right. He was too much trustworthy that even his enemies used to call him Sadiq and Ameen. He ordered the Muslims to take seven rounds of Kabah while Tawaf. First you should be aware of all the doings of Hajj and Umrah and then make a booking with Hajj and Umrah travel agency.

Order of Holy Prophet about rounds:

Holy Prophet asked the Muslims to complete seven rounds around Kabah during Tawaf of Kabah. Same is the order of Allah. Muslims perform Tawaf by completing seven rounds around the Kabah because it is the order of Allah in Quran and also recommended by Holy Prophet. If we ponder about the universe and its complete system, we come to know that there are seven skies, seven planets, seven heavens, seven days of the week, seven souls of man etc. It means that the digit seven has great importance.

Order of Allah Almighty about rounds:

Allah has ordered us to complete Tawaf of Kabah in seven rounds. It is the right thing told by our Holy Prophet. Whatever the reason is behind the importance of digit “seven”, Muslims follow it because it is recommended by Holy Prophet and is the order of Allah. No one knows why Allah has chosen the digit seven for completing seven rounds around the Kabah. He does whatever He wants and there is no one to oppose Him in this world. Allah is Qadir and King of this world. Whatever He wants to do, He does. There is no one to oppose Him or stand against Him. Allah is Needless.

Importance of digit “seven”:

Allah and His Rasool know better the reason behind completing seven rounds around the Kabah. Muslims can only guess that the digit of seven is blessed as it appears in many aspects of life and creation of universe. As a Muslim, we should follow the orders of Allah and His Prophet. No one should disobey both and there should not be any disbelief according to seven rounds. Follow whatever is ordered by Allah and His Rasool. Muslims from all over the world go to perform Hajj every year. Umrah is minor pilgrimage as compared to Hajj and can be performed at any time of the year.

Packages for Hajj and Umrah:

Umrah Experts is a UK based company and offers different kinds of packages to the Muslims of UK. It offers all inclusive Umrah Packages, Family Umrah packages, Cheap Umrah packages, Luxury Umrah packages and also couple Umrah packages. These same packages are also for Hajj. Some packages are for specific time, for example for specific months. Ramadan, February or December Umrah packages are available for the customers of Islamic travel. Muslims of UK book packages of their own choice. Bookings can be made online by contacting with the cooperative staff.

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Abdul Maaz is well-organized and professional travel Agent for Hajj and Umrah. He is well experienced and skilled in consultancy about the Hajj and Umrah Packages at Umrah Experts.