I watched a very disturbing video today, I wish I hadn't seen. I believe the gentleman narrating the video is a professor at a Arkansas university. He is a theologian and has spent a number of years studying the books of the Bible. He proceeds in telling how he's often heard the question asked 'why is the most powerful country ever on earth, not even mentioned in the Bible?' Well he says, it is! In the book of Jeremiah Chapter 51 verse 12-14, verse 29, 47 and verse 48 he claims the prophet is indeed speaking of America as Babylon. In verse 48 speaking of the spoilers coming from the North is said to be Russia.

What is taking place in the Ukraine right now is laying the foundation of what he claims will take place before January 2017. Russia's economy is broken due to the sanctions that have been placed on them for the unrest they've created in the region and therefore they are like a caged dog, backed into a corner. I read the other night that Russia has started selling off the debt it holds with America, I don't understand finance, but what I do understand, this is a move to devalue the dollar. What the video says is that sometime next year Russia will make the bold move that will thrust the world in to World War III. They will launch a magnetic pulse weapon and explode it some 20 miles above America, resulting in our electrical grid being fried. With our cities thrown into utter darkness and everything electrical knocked out, a all out nuclear attack will not be able to be stopped.
With all the chatter about the next election, there won't be one, whereas Barrack Obama will be the last seated American president. Marshall law will be declared and the streets of America will be in utter chaos. Sounds like a bad..bad horror movie.
America we've charted our course in the last 60 years, for everyone who doesn't believe there's a God, you better hope there is, and for all Christians out there, you need to spend much more time in your 'prayer closet.'
Whether a believer or non believer the God of the Bible is a just and righteous God and there is no way he will watch America turn its back on every principal this country was founded on and ignore it. He tells us to be righteous, as he is righteous. America is that who we are?
Lets all hope that this man's views about Bible prophecy are really wacked out! Lets hope that God isn't only the God of a second chance, but a God of thousands of chances, because quite frankly the state of affairs in our country will require such a God!

Maybe the video can be watched at 'Alive After The Fall'

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64 year old male living with wife Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Former Naval Reserve, Vietnam Veteran, Import Manager of Customs House Brokerage, Route Salesman, Delivery driver, Target logistics team member. Author of two Christian books.