Do you believe and wish for a second chance relationship?The irony for most couples is that they only find value and worth in the relationship when it's all gone. There are break ups that don’t mean it’s the end, it also means a space to breath and be back again. When you both feel it’s time for you to move on different paths, then there’s no second chance to deal with.

Taking chances from couples who separated ways are common.How can these chances be possible?Now, when you started the relationship once more, issues and problems will still be there to challenge you.You will both be challenged with the problems that will come into the relationship, but you can successfully solve it as you have something in life that you learned from the past. More so, the desire for a second chance should be nothing but love, love without reasons, you just felt it. Second chance is a privilege for couples to be able to give love to each other, to self and to the relationship.

Before deciding to make a second chance relationship, it is important to go through a process of thinking and reflection so that in the end, your efforts will be paid off.

• Is it LOVE.. Again?
The firs thing you need to know is to be able to be sure of your feelings. One thing to remember that love and loneliness are two different things. Do not ever make loneliness as the reason for that second chance.When you are lonely, you can have a lot of things to divert your emotion. When you are on a dilemma between two feelings, at least try to be honest.

• What went wrong?
You also have to think about the relationship and why it ended. Think of the reasons why it happened, and think of how both of you treated the relationship.

It is important that you both know what went wrong, what your faults were and what triggered the relationship to end so that when second chance romance is back, you already know what to do.

As what is being said, time in time, relationship can have its mistakes and misunderstandings, big or small. Break up happens with reasons. Whatever reasons that were talked about, it is not realistic to just say, “I want a second chance, let’s try it again.” It is very important that you learn first on the past experiences before deciding.

• Examine what went right
Even if it is so painful to you that the relationship ended, it is necessary that you also have to think of the positive side of the situation or what is good about the relationship.In this way, when second chance comes, you maintain attributes in the relationship that makes it work.

• Be realistic.
Learn to accept yourself and your partner not by what they are but by who they are as a person. Learn also to know the needs of your partner in the relationship and if possible, fulfill it. You and your partners may have differences but it is necessary in the relationship that you will talk about these things and be able to understand each other.

When you are given a second chance to save the relationship, it doesn't follow that it will be forever. The persons involved must not only work for themselves, but should also work out for the relationship to last. Failure in a second chance happens when only one partner makes the move. So you need to remember that couples are one in the relationship and the success of second chance relationship happens when both are willing to understand each other's differences and to be able to give all essential components of a good and lasting relationship.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on how to Bring Back Lost Love.