Sebastian Ravitz, who is a graduate of the Chapman University, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and advertising. Because of Sebastian’s optimism and integrity, his peers elected him onto the Conduct Review Council at The Bay School of San Francisco, where he was able to review multiple cases with the other students on the council. This was the beginning of his leadership journey as he learnt very quickly how to decisions that affects other students, in terms of good behavior and discipline.
We all agree that social media marketing is key to the success of any business in the 21st century, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Sebastian Ravitz has worked with Trendy Butler where he was able to develop a social media campaign strategy for the company. He also worked as a production assistant, where he was responsible for the development of brand personality.
As a marketing manager with Trendy Butler, Sebastian was able to develop a social media account with over 185k followers, while carrying out viral social media campaigns for the company. This has helped the company grow their digital marketing campaign and overall business.
Sebastian worked as the Co-founder of HYPERCRIB, which provides a succinct, yet targeted view into the lifestyle and stories that reflect the mindset of success-oriented individuals whose interests span across different categories. As the Account manager and digital strategist at Digital Niche Agency (DNA), Sebastian created a strong digital strategy of the company.
As far as career life goes, Sebastian has been very active around the start-up atmosphere over the past few years. It is worthy of mention that Sebastian Ravitz has spent his career immersed in the start-up world, and learned to navigate the rollercoaster that is the world of start-ups. Using his tremendous experience in entrepreneurship and business. It is safe to say He has been a vital team member from the development stage of numerous companies.
His skills and experience span from commercial script writing and production to running seven-figure Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaigns. He has also helped multiple brands scale their monthly e-commerce sales by over 10 times. E-commerce is simply gaining more popularity with innovations every single day.
With his agency Loudley that he founded with his two partners while in college, their clients range from apparel and fine jewelry companies to large-scale concerts and events.
As the Co-Founder and CEO of Loudley, Sebastian oversees social media strategy and manages team to schedule and create content on all social media platforms. He is able to manage website redevelopment projects effectively and efficiently. Other tasks includes website and App development, content marketing, the development of animated intro and explainer videos, paid digital advertising etc.
Having managed over $2M in Facebook ads, Sebastian’s experience in developing and refining target audiences paired with his creative approach to marketing is a high value asset he brings to his work.

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Pritom das is an tech entrepreneur