Seasonal depression is a mood disorder in which people with normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms at the same time every year. I.e., signs and symptoms come back and go away at the same time each year. This disorder leads to depression, anxiety, pessimism and a lack of pleasure in the activities that you once found enjoyable. In severe cases suicide or thoughts of suicide may be present.

If you are like most people with seasonal depression, your symptoms start in the fall and may continue into the winter months.

Fall and winter seasonal depression symptoms include:
• Hopelessness
• Loss of energy
• Social withdrawal (from family, friends, social situations)
• Oversleeping
• Difficulty waking up in the morning
• Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
• Appetite changes, especially craving foods with high carbohydrates
• Weight gain
• Difficulty concentrating and processing information

Effective Strategies To Deal With Seasonal Depression
Instead of keeping the seasonal depression within you and brooding over it, you can talk to someone about it. They can be you friends, family, doctor, support groups etc. Talking about a problem helps you to understand it better. Thus you can find a suitable solution or sometimes the person whom you are talking to can suggest something that might work for you.

It is important to keep on trying new things. Though everything you try does not work, it takes you one step ahead in your quest for finding the suitable solution.

Maintaining a Depression Diary will also be helpful in unloading your problems. It will help you to keep track of your depression and recovery. By writing the diary systematically, you can see the patterns of good and bad times. This will help you in identifying the source of your depression. You can even notice the effect of a particular treatment on you.

Most of the people who are suffering from seasonal depression have a low self esteem. By improving your diet you can have a positive impact on your over all shape, fitness and appearance. This will in turn enhance your self esteem.

Psychotherapy is another treatment that is often used in combination with drug therapies. It is also known as talk therapy. The therapist (counselor) will help you to identify things or events that trigger your depression. Psychotherapy may address one or any combination of approaches. Interpersonal skills - how you relate to those around you are one approach. Psychodynamics - what inner motivation and emotions influence your behavior? There may have been events from your childhood that if unresolved could absolutely influence your behavior, mood, and even your daily living skills.

Self-help Treatments
These treatments are managed by the patient. Meditation and Yoga can be done in a group or alone and benefits seasonal depression. Food can affect mood so it may be the patient only eats certain foods because of the effects some may have on them. Some might plan a special outing or a bubble bath and curling up with a good book. For some chocolate might be used.

Herbal Treatments
A blend of herbs, vitamins and other nutritive substances known to affect mood make up herbal supplements that are usually in capsule form. High quality herbal supplements should be made according to pharmaceutical standards. The metabolic pathways of the ingredients at the molecular level should be studied. The interaction of the ingredients should be evaluated as well. This guarantees their potency, efficacy, safety, and purity.

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