Perfection doesn’t exist.
Seriously it doesn’t. Yet how many of us have that ‘ideal/perfect’ concept in our heads? Especially when it comes to our mates and partners, we meet someone that sort of fits the bill and immediately they go up on a pedestal. Then when they do something less than ideal we are crushed. Or what is worse, to me, is when that ‘ideal’ person does something real and we ignore it to focus on what we are trying to make them into, never really knowing the real them at all.

We are bombarded by external forces telling us what is ‘ideal’. When do we get to decide what is ideal for us? Our family and friends tell us what they think is ideal and social media is either inundating us with murder, death and mayhem or telling us women are sexy only when you can see their rib and hip bones and still manage to have firm D cup breasts. Men are sexy when they are steel muscle in a suit. Let me just get it on record, I personally don’t like to snuggle up to a brick of any kind. They are pointy and not at all comforting. The body, spirit, emotions and mind need to be healthy, that is ideal.

How did we get so far off track?
When did we start to see individual traits as flaws or imperfections? That mole on someone’s face is an imperfection; teeth that aren’t perfectly white and aligned are an imperfection. Heaven forbid a woman has a child and isn’t back to a stick figure in 2 months, a man not be a rippling tower of muscle making $100k or your child not be in some kind of advanced something and playing sports and aiming to be class president. I ask you, why have we let our ideal be set to external things that do not matter in the big picture?

Searching for perfection is dangerous because it shut us out from experiencing our lives.
When you create an ideal anything in your mind you pretty much rule out everything else. Think about that ideal mate, you look and look and look and nobody can measure up so you end up alone or settling and only half participating in what you have. The ideal life path that was derailed because you perhaps blew out an ankle and can’t try for a pro career so you carry on a bit disappointed over everything else that comes your way. The ideal of the perfect body; if you could lose 20 more pounds everything will be better, you know it will because life is better for a size 6, or if you could get that new nose or stop going bald or...well that list could go on forever couldn’t it?

Reality is ideal and even..dare I say it…sexy.

The reality of the people and experiences around us is awesome. Every day people chose to be kind, to help a stranger, to put someone else first and not get a standing ovation for it. How come that isn’t perfection? I want to know why we can’t look in a mirror and see our ideal man or woman looking back at us? How is it the Snow White myth took over? You know the whole mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all line of questioning by a certain royal figure.

I believe it is time to stop being our own Evil Queen.

Body’s age, careers come and go but our spirit and our truth remain. It is time to start living in truth as we are, and accepting others as they are. Just say no to the poisoned apple and embrace your sleepy, grumpy, dopey, happy, doc, sneezy, bashful sides. Stop looking for that perfect person to complete you…they can’t. You are complete already. Stop searching for that perfect moment…it doesn’t exist. Millions of perfect moments exist, which to me is so much better!

Life is supposed to be all kinds of experiences.
Come in all kinds of colors and shapes and sounds. I say get your reflections from those that love you not some bewitched cranky mirror. I say go out and make every moment into ‘the’ moment by honoring your truth and the truth in others. I say start your truth revolution and live the life you choose!

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Samantha Martin is known as The Truth Revolutionary because she works with people to uncover their personal truth. Personal truth is a discovery which frees people to live up to their full potential and find new joy in their life and relationships. You can register for her Free Report “Fight Self-Deception, Dis-ease, Shame and Disillusionment: Become a Truth Revolutionary”, or sign up for a free consultation, read her blogs and find out more about Samantha at