Hinglish is among the most sought-after bands in India right now. They have become famous after their superlative performances at various high-profile weddings. They’ve even enthralled audiences in Destination weddings as well. The band is really nice with soulful voices. Gunjan Sharma, Kunwar Singh and Rishi J and their back up team are really decent as well as talented. You would appreciate their co-operation and efforts on building and preparing the play list as per your preferences, and they really perform very well. They will make it one memorable night with your melodious performance.

They are Sufi, Bollywood and retro band players. They simply enjoy when the crowd enjoys and wish to serve the client with their requests and making a memorable event for everyone. For them making the environment beautiful with the music is what we believe in. In the industry which requires adjustment across all genres, they have the willingness to adjust accordingly to every genre's demands. Extremely hardworking and very dedicated towards their passion, many wish them to achieve a lot of success in the future.

One of the pivotal parts of the band is Gunjan Sharma. He has got such a voice that's so magnetic. He is extremely versatile artist be it Sufi or rock. This boy has it all. Blessed with a voice that's smooth and soulful at the same time, he is able to adjust according to the audience’s demand. Another great singer is Kunwar Sigh, who achieved stardom after his super hit Dil Tuteya. He has gone on to convert his hobby of singing into his profession.

Besides the singing, these guys are great at other aspects of entertainment as well. Hinglish the band serves as a complete package for pleasing crowds through their stupendous anchoring and well-rehearsed performances. A major part of it are their customised costumes, which are tailored to fit the theme of their performance. So, if it’s a wedding or a night out at a club, the attire is well suited and gels with the surroundings. If you are throwing a birthday bash or even a Punjabi wedding, they will definitely tick all your boxes.

Being a band of 3 versatile members definitely helps. The three take turns to take CenterStage at different moments during the performance. Each of them has a specialisation that he brings to the fore. So, whether you’re looking for Punjabi music, Bollywood hits or even soulful Sufi songs, rest assured you will be blown out of your minds with what you experience. These guys will stop at nothing to make the event a memorable one for all involved.
Another great advantage that they have is their dance skills which are sublime and appropriate for the event. What’s more, they know how to make their guests shake a leg too! Live performances sell on crowd engagement. There are number of performers who simply aren’t able to live up to the hype they create. They disappoint when it truly matters. Hinglish the band on the other hand is a class apart. They don’t only deliver, they exceed your expectations.

India is a country of wealth and stature. It is important to people that their events meet the expectations of their guests, particularly weddings. It is pertinent that the live bands you hire make it a big hit. Experience counts. As does past performances. And who better than the trio of Gunjan Sharma, Rishi J and Kunwar Singh to lighten up the evening for you. They have performed in all corners of the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa and even foreign destinations such as Bangkok, Dubai, Bali – the list just goes on and on. Even though they are based in Delhi, they travel to far-off events and that too and their charging still remains the lowest compared to other artists.
The band believes in customer satisfaction and it goes great lengths to ensure that happens- including meeting with clients to understand their preferences and dislikes. Such small gestures set them apart make them among the best live bands in the country. Book them now at the most amazing prices. And Be prepared to have a great time with the trio at your event!


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