There was a little girl, her name was Pinki. She was different. In fact, it was normal on the outside, whitish in color, big glasses on the eyes, lack of confidence, she was not a shy girl. She knew that in such look she was different but she can't express that she is different.

The girls in the classroom were left her alone, the schoolteachers looked after the girls, who always put efforts to be noticed, and she wasn't treated very well in society either. Her childhood was like a huge inferiority complex. In sports, however, no one can hold her hand. That's where she used to find herself. She has had no fear; she was a very bold girl since as a baby girl. She could walk home alone late at night. Ever since she was in first-second, she used to tell her mother that she would go to school alone. There were many friends, but there was no one close to her with whom she could open up her mind. At home and in the classroom she used to be quiet & latent, but playing cricket with the street children, no one could match her in running and playing on the field, such a little Pinki was living a strange double life.

She grew bigger, bolder; But still she couldn’t express herself. She earned recognition as forefront of arts, sports and education, but was lonely inside. The inferiority complex about general appearance was the same. Later, when she went to college, the girls around her, the professors, used to get angry at her for being different. The reason for this was that she realized much later that being like other people does not make others insecure. Everyone is comfortable when colors are mixed. All of this increased her loneliness, but no one could stop her.

On the one hand, the education was completed, the job started, and on the other hand, her own search continued. She pursued different hobbies, skills and at some times she moved away from her home & worked hard on herself and continued to develop her personality. She wanted to be big and capable personality. She kept the torch of hard working on at every stage of her life, dreaming big and thinking about how to develop self-confidence.

As she got older and started doing exercises, reading, yoga and traveling, her confidence increased. She began to identify herself. She became her best friend and she realized she needed to accept herself. That's what happens to all of us, we keep looking outside. Even if others keep us at a distance, the pain is less if you are ‘close to yourself’; the pain is less if you continue to love yourself even if others do bad things.

The reason for telling this story is that we have such a small Pinki hidden in us. Who, from an inexperienced age, finds himself at every stage of life? Take a moment today and meet your little Pinki inside again. Stop running in the race of life and see that little Pinki has grown up now, but don’t forget to get what she wants. Because she is peeking from the inside. She is different, maintain her uniqueness. This Pinki will now be a job seeker, a business woman or a housewife but She is different.

You are different! Don't wait for anyone else to tell you or give you a chance. You find your strength, you decide what you want to do, and you find the way. Make your own way and go, keep walking and take a leap. Many such Pinkis in the society will follow you and follow your example and walk with confidence.

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