What's your sales pitch?

In the business context, every move requires systematic planning in order to cement the sales deal with your client. From the preparation, arrangements, meetings, and presentation, you consume all your time for these tedious processes. Leave nothing to chance and don’t let your efforts come to naught. So, arm yourself with these selling techniques to close a deal that will positively hit your sales quota:

1. Employ Ben Franklin’s list.

Help your client decide by creating a two-column list of the pros and cons of making the purchase. The longer column is more likely your customer’s choice so jot down as many positives in the “pro” column.

2. Acknowledge your client’s needs and objections.

Aside from establishing rapport, it is necessary for you to identify your client’s needs and objections. Highlight your product’s features and how they address each need. Much like applying for a job, you focus on your strengths that align with the company’s vision and mission to seal the deal with the hiring managers.

3. Bring up the idea of competition and urgency.

This may sound as a scare tactic. But, letting your client know that your product has an expiration date and may be sold to another customer allow them to act quickly and accept your offer.

4. Pay attention to your non-verbal cues.

Simple gestures like business handshakes, eye contact, genuine smile, and proper posture can persuade your clientele to give your product a chance. If you’re meeting your customer face-to-face, these are good options. However, you may need to espouse more complex techniques with online negotiations. As stated by Rich Moncure, President of On Hold Marketing, "Internet marketing if done incorrectly, can lead to ineffective selling and poor closure rates. Sealing the deal long-distance requires even more emphasis on endorsements and accountability."

5. Offer a free trial, an add-on, or price discounts.

An exclusive first-hand experience of the item you are selling is a smart move. Whatever gimmick you can think of is a plus point in promoting your product as long as it’s handled correctly.

Your clients are going to miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t buy your product. Be a skilled influencer and seal that deal!

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Jane is a business, lifestyle, health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast and blogger. She is a nurse by profession and a writer by passion. She has a soft spot for macadamia chocolate and green tea. You can connect with her on Twitter and Google+.