Pardon my French, but that's how most people feel in frustration when they think they have done everything right to manifest their dreams using the Law of Attraction, yet nothing changes.

Well in fact The Law of Attraction has been working perfectly for them, bringing them exactly what they have been placing most of their UNCONSCIOUS FOCUS on and at their particular vibrational level. It doesn't discriminate between good and bad stuff, but just brings you what you focus on predominantly. If you feel you have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h up to reach your goal, then chances are your vibrational level is too low and you are not a vibrational match for what you desire. If most of your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, revolve around struggle, limitation and lack, then guess what you are going to attract more of - even if you did those 15 minutes of positive affirmations earlier? That still leaves 23 hours and 45 minutes of every day for your UNCONSCIOUS CREATION using The Law of Attraction.

So does that mean you have to do positive affirmations for at least 12 hours a day to consciously manifest anything good? Luckily not! The QUALITY of the affirmation and your willingness to DETACH from the outcome and the timing of the delivery are crucial.

Let me give you an example:

In 2007 I saw a film about Egypt and a famous healer called Hakim whose lineage holds the ancient knowledge of Sakkarah, where the Step Pyramid is. I had the thought and felt at a visceral emotional level how much I would love to meet this fascinating man - and then I just let that thought go completely without any analysis or 'buts'.

6 months later, I had just arrived in Cairo leading another one of my Spiritual Egypt Tours. In Le Meridien Pyramids I was doing what I do best - cruising the gift shop! The owner came over to me and struck up a conversation. When he realised I was a healer he said, "There is someone you should really meet while you are here, and he lives not far from here. His name is Hakim!!"

I nearly fell over with shock as I got all goosebumpy. With a little negotiation between my current tour guide and the guide from the previous year, a meeting was set up for me with Hakim that very same evening! One of the highlights of my life was sitting on the floor of his simple, chairless home - just me and my two tour guides - chatting to him about ancient Egypt. Newspaper clippings about him in many languages adorned the walls. He even finished up coming with us when our tour group visited Sakkarah and shared some of his ancient knowledge. (If you look at my Facebook personal page, there is a photo of us together.)

The secrets to my conscious/unconscious manifestation:

• Clear focused thought/intention combined with an attached high-vibration feeling that made my heart energy feel expanded and joyful
• Complete detachment from the outcome

In fact I've managed to consciously manifest some other pretty amazing stuff too, but ONLY when I completely detach from the How and the When I want it to be delivered. I've learnt that Divine timing doesn't often coincide with when my Ego mind wants something!

Let's walk through a process of deliberate CO-CREATION using The Law of Attraction:

1. Think of something you would really like to attract into your life - such as having more money - and find out the current belief you hold about your inability to have this desire. (If you're not sure what your core belief is on this issue, just think about what you say to yourself when you are utterly frustrated with yourself. That will be the subconscious belief you need to change!) For me my belief used to be, "No matter how hard I try I can't seem to make any money." Well, guess what? My subconscious mind obligingly held that low vibration and made sure I didn't make any money!
2. See or feel where you are holding that belief in your body. Imagine pulling that belief out, scrunching it up, throwing it over the side of a cliff, or any other way you have of destroying it completely.
3. Replace it with a positive and opposite belief, called an Affirmation. Use this affirmation to implant your positive belief or intention with the following characteristics:
- Written in the present tense as if it has already happened
- Clear and concise
- No negatives, such as not, don't, etc
- Express Gratitude - "I feel so happy and grateful that I now ........."

4. Say this positive affirmation for at least 15 minutes per day intensively and really feel your happiness and gratitude. e.g. "I am so happy and so grateful that money flows to me easily and effortlessly." Say it often during the rest of the day as well, especially in the five minutes or so before you go to sleep at night, so your subconscious mind will have this affirmation in its mind for 8 hours straight while you sleep.
5. At a certain point you will intuitively know when you have given this affirmation enough energy and it is time to set it free. Imagine placing your affirmation in the palms of your hands and then blowing it out to the four corners of the universe.
6. You have done your bit now in the creation process, just DETACH and release your desire to higher powers for CO-creation of it, often in ways you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams.
7. Remember, the manifestations of your new positive belief/affirmation will be brought to you in Divine timing, not necessarily when you want it!

It is very important to TRUST in the process of manifestation, as if you personally try to control it all from start to finish, you may create an end result which is considerably less than what the higher realms had been planning to give you. If you try and hold on and never DETACH completely from your intended outcome then the universe is not able to deliver the goods to you. Co-creating something for you should be pretty easy really for a higher power that knows how to hold the planets in their orbit!

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Michelle Mayur is the ‘Healer for Healers’ and the visionary founder of the Heal the Healer global community. She helps healers and lightworkers reach more of their healing potential to raise the consciousness of humanity. To receive your FREE healing meditation audio and become a FREE Member of the Heal the Healer community of healers and Lightworkers, visit Michelle also conducts private healing consultations, globally in person, via phone or Skype . Copyright 2011 Michelle Mayur