Scotland might not be your first choice for a ski, snowboard or snow holiday. After all there are places out there that guarantee more snow! Scotland however is gaining a reputation nationally with skiers and snowboarders looking to get a good all inclusive packages, use their home currency and use their native languages. Lets not forget also that international flight costs have increased in recent years with additional taxes and the raise in aviation fuels effecting ticket prices significantly more for international travel.

Thankfully Scotland has some good snow and sporting location for skiers / snowboarders of all abilities (when the snow is there!). Depending on your preference will depend upon where you might end up on a ski holiday, so I've compiled this article to explore the most popular forms of skiing:

Down Hill Skiing in Scotland

In Scotland there are five main areas which accommodate downhill skiing including Glenshee, Anacch Mor, Lecht and Cairngorm. All cater to different levels of experience but Glenshee is the larger and is more centrally located than the others with a handful of neighbouring towns within close proximity.

Anacch Mor near Fort William has great runs and a lift, this provides useful and is therefore quite popular. Fort William is the local town and has a good selection of eateries and places to bed down for the time you are in Scotland.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country is rapidly developing into a very popular sport, the queues tend to be shorter in general which means you can just get up and get skiing much quicker than the down hillers. There are many places you can get your gear from both in the towns, malls or you can hire from the ski centre. Going cross country and weaving between trees on fresh snow in the back country is one of the most exhilarating experiences possible and a true pleasure to escape the crowds. Local area Keith has amenities including places to eat and bed down.

Ski Mountaineering

Not really for the novice skier ski mountaineering permits you to remain above the snow level, in Scotland there are just a handful of places suitable for this sort of practice and like I mentioned it is recommended only really for the experienced skier.

Places in which to look into for this sort of pursuit include the scenic Monaliaith Mountins and the Drumochter area. It's worth getting a guide if you have never been to either of these areas before, they can take you safely through the journey as well as show you things you probably have not seen before or would have missed had you gone without a guide.

One thing I always get worried about is the snow - after all your probably specifically after a snow holiday right? During 2010 the season permitted for 6 months of skiable snow, plan it early and keep an eye out on the run up to snow season.

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