Selling custom t-shirts as a uniform, seems like a great business idea. However, choosing whom to sell has always been a question for businesses. Generally, we think about schools and scrub businesses. But the business is not limited to that. From corporate to an NGO, every industry leverages custom t-shirts and uniforms to maintain its brand name.

The limit to leveraging a t-shirt design tool is not limited to a few industries. Only the approach varies.

For example, while selling t-shirts as uniforms to schools, the target audience will be schools, parents, and students. While selling it in bulk for a social cause, the target audience will be NGOs. For custom event-specific t-shirts, the target audience will be corporate, etc.

Let us see how you can approach different industries.


You know that schools having a variety of uniforms is common. For weekdays, a different one, other days another. And a t-shirt is a common type of apparel.

So here, you can approach the schools and affiliate with them. You can then start selling uniforms online. In some cases, schools provide uniforms while charging a fee. In other cases, they provide a list of sellers, and students can buy from one of those. So with an online presence that allows you to create templates and sell a wide range of uniforms, you can top the most preferred sellers list for schools.

If you turn out to be a preferred seller, you can provide better fittings and customization options to parents.

For this, you can integrate a uniform design tool into your e-store.


What if you were just a random t-shirt selling store down the lane?

You would be selling t-shirts and doing a business like a local brick-and-mortar store. All you would have is an average income with limited area-specific customers.

Well, you can change that with a functional estore that allows customers to design their t-shirts. In this approach, you can integrate a t-shirt design tool and allow corporate customers to add their company logo, event theme, or a tagline on the t-shirts.

You can set a minimum of 10 pcs/20 pcs to sell bulk. Going online has its own benefits. It would provide you with visibility. Besides, hundreds and thousands of people often view these events and parties. It may help you reach a wider audience.

Social Service

Let's say a group of people want to theme their 'Go Green' awareness campaign with a tagline for the cause. If you have a popular online custom t-shirt selling business, it will benefit you. Generally, the target audience is NGOs and not the customers. You can expect them to give you a bulk order with their requirements. Or you can provide them with a product designer tool and let them design it their way, along with a 3D preview.

However, the starting point is to go online and be a part of the cause. Show that you exist and are willing to be on the path of freedom, justice, and changemaker.


It doesn't matter if you have a t-shirt design tool or a uniform design tool. Having them has many benefits, and so are the industries that you can affiliate with or serve.

Be it a retail store or a group of friends celebrating bachelorette, personalized t-shirts can always be the party's theme. Their demand remains the same, only their form varies. Sometimes it's a uniform, other times it's a costume.

See around and widen your business scope in every industry possible.

Let us know about the other industries that can leverage a uniform design tool in the comment section.

Hint: Scrub business is one of the popular examples.

Author's Bio: 

Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.