Hypertension of a normal person may be caused by the abnormality of the arteries. The cause of essential hypertension is multifactorial. Secondary hypertension was caused mainly by hypoxia or a disorder of blood vessel or the kidney. If one understand the function of the kidney and what cause vasoconstriction to increase blood pressure, then, one cannot deny the fact that Chi Kung can prevent secondary hypertension.

The body under the state of homeostasis, the heart beats at the resting rate(60 to 80 beats per min); and the kidneys kept a same amount of water, salt and acid in the blood. The amount of water, salt and acid are kept constant to maintain a normal level of blood pressure. Both organs have something in common is by monitoring the amount of oxygen in the blood that was passing through them. If there was a detection in a low level of oxygen, several chemo-mechanical reactions will take place.

If hypoxia was detected, lack of oxygen, the heart will pump faster to increase the blood circulation for delivering more oxygen to the body. The kidney will put out a hormone(erythropoetin) to tell the bone marrow to increase the manufacture of red blood cells. Again, it was for the blood to carry more oxygen in the circulatory system for the body. In addition, if there is a low blood pressure, low volume of blood or too low salts in the blood. Another hormone(renin) will be sent by the kidney telling the blood vessels to constrict and tells the kidneys to save salts. All of this for increasing the blood pressure in the body.

Those who have breathing problems are known to have hypertension. However, secondary hypertension can be prevented if, and only if, hypoxia does not take place in the body. Fortunately, Chi Kung can prevent or cure hypertension is because of the extensive voluntary breathing exercise for delivering a constant supply of oxygen to the body. As long as there is no change in the oxygen level or blood pressure was detected, the blood vessels will not be constricted to increase blood pressure.

Practicing Chi Kung, with the abdominal breathing, will provide a constant source of oxygen for the heart to generate the energy for strong cardiac muscle contraction; and deliver the excess of oxygen to the rest of the body as well. Since there was no change in oxygen level to cause vasoconstriction, therefore, secondary hypertension was prevented.

If you are interested, do this exercise will help you to prevent hypertension.

Please see the result of the body coordination from practicing the above exercise for only 3.5 minutes.

6 minutes:

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James S. Lee is a retired engineer and a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since Chi Kung has a great effect on the human body, he is searching for a possible scientific explanation of Chi Kung with Western science. He feels that the old Chinese concept about Chi Kung is very ambiguous. Therefore, there must be another way to explain it for a better understanding. Email: jlee1680@aol.com