-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Science Changed Its Mind About Reflexology, November, 2012

• 1. Both the American Medical Association and the National Cancer Institute have changed their mind about Reflexology. It’s an ancient form of foot-hand-ear manipulation (massage) that is
moving from Fringe-care to Standard (mainstream) cancer treatment.

• 2. The important difference between religious thinking and scientific analysis is that Science likes the NEWEST research (done in 2012 is better than research in 1999).

• 3. Religious thinking respects and advocates ancient methodologies. Example: Reflexology (manipulating the feet, hands, and ears, dates back to Egypt, in 2450 BCE (4,500 years).

• U.S. scientists have laughed at Reflexology as a medical treatment, until this recent (November, 2012) research.

• 4. Physicians in ancient Greece used foot-hand-ear massage as standard medical procedure. The AMA & Cancer researchers never accepted this ancient medical treatment.

• 5. Reflexology was named by a practicing nurse named Eunice D. Ingram in 1936. The system was created by a medical doctor called William A. Fitzgerald in the U.S. in 1913.

• 6. A therapist uses his thumbs, fingers, and hands to activate, release, and balance the human energy-field, known as Chee or
Qi. In India, Life-force is called Prana, in Hebrew, it’s called Ruach (Spirit).

• 7. In November, 2012, scientific researchers at Michigan State University, reported in the Journal, Oncology Nursing, that Reflexology has serious benefits for Cancer patients.
• Lead-Author: Professor Gwen Wyatt, Michigan State University.

• 8. Reflexology is from the same tradition of Acupuncture and Acupressure. Research indicates Reflexology works from the INSIDE-OUT, to stimulate the Nervous System, and release chronic-stress.

• 9. Theory: stimulation (massage) of specific points of the feet-hands-ears, improves the functioning of corresponding organs, glands, and circulation of the mind-body-connection.

• 10. Reflexology patients with advanced states of cancer have indicated up to a 35% improvement in the symptom of shortness of breath. After treatment, they have the ability to climb stairs,
dress themselves, and go marketing.

• 11. Researchers expected Psychological improvements, like reduction in anxiety and depression. What they found was NOT emotional change, but primarily Physical improvements.

• Cancer patients reported significant improvements in their daily life-style and skills. People who were disabled could function again.

• Endwords: All beliefs religious, are NOT fundamentally flawed, and useless. Further, scientific researchers are willing to change their mind when the facts produce NEW evidence.

• Learn from the Past, live in the Present, and Hope for a better Future. See it as, admit when you’re wrong, learn from your mistakes, and move-on.

• In Speedreading101, we learn to use our long unused, Peripheral-Vision, and enlarge our mind-set for physical change.

• We have the ability to read and remember Three-books, articles, and reports, in-the-time others can hardly finish, even one. We must risk change, and a new mind-set. Same as Reflexology.

• See ya,

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