March 14, 2012

If you choose to place your full, 100% Attention, Concentration, and Intention
on the facts of this article, you will discover how to double (2x) your memory,
and triple (3x) your learning speed – permanently, for the rest of your life.

1. Testing up to 5,000 students, (ages 10 to 21) and about 4.500 career executives for
reading speed and comprehension, both groups lose their place while reading
a page of Text, five-to-seven times. That is “per” page.

Loss of Attention-Concentration-Intention while reading does NOT improve
between elementary school, high school, college, and graduate-school.
Adult executives continue to be erratic, slow readers for their entire careers.

2. The answer to the question, “So-What?” , is losing your place multiple times
while reading (loss of attention), reduces short-term memory and long-term
memory, up to 40%. Students and adults make numerous mistakes in recall.

3. Additionally, loss of attention (concentration) produces a reduction of
reading-speed by about sixty-percent (60%). It causes students and executives
to read so slowly, and to learn to dislike reading, and avoid it, if possible.

4. The average college graduate reads “basic” 12th grade-level text (Reader’s
Digest), at a low, 250 words per minute. They read Semi-Difficult text like
the Harvard Business Review, at 150 words per minute.

Difficult-material like Encyclopedia Britannica articles, and law cases,
are read at barely 100 words per minute. The result of such slow,
tedious scanning, produces weak self-improvement, and knowledge

They learn to hate reading and learning. Their careers suffer from reduced
creativity and promotions, and a loss of bonuses and raises.

5. How come?

What this 50-years of scientific research proves, is that while we read text material,
(say, this article), our mind wanders and goes off-track. Our thinking CRASHES,
like a computer, about six (6) times per page we read. The reason is other-thoughts.

We DAYDREAM, wander, and lose attention and concentration, and forget
what we were reading, and the ideas we were studying. It is annoying,
frustrating, and becomes a habit, so we stop noticing how slowly we read.

Questions pop into our mind – Did I lock the door? Where are we going
for Dinner, Saturday night? How can I win a promotion? My nose itches!

6. These mental interruptions cause losses in our train-of-thought, and we
stop comprehending the meaning of the words we read. Have you ever
found yourself turning pages, and discover you have no idea of what
the writer is saying?

You turn back and start to read again, but you have to find your original
place on the page, and track the last idea. This interruption is time-
consuming and causes chronic stress, and you slow down to a crawl.

We call it “snailing”, or “drifting-off”, and it makes learning boring
and something to avoid. It is not the exception, but the rule. We are
a nation of slow, slow, readers, who avoid books, articles and reports.

7. Who says so?

Published in the March 14, 2012 edition of the Psychological Science
journal, is the latest research by scientists, Dr. Daniel Levinson of
the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. J. Smallwood, at Max Planck
Institute, Germany.

The article covers human working-memory-capacity, and mind-wandering
during routine reading and learning assignments. It offers evidence that
we are drifting, and off-topic Fifty (50%) of the time we spend reading.

Say-it-again. Half the time we read text for knowledge and information,
nothing-is-coming-through to our brain. What a waste of time.

8. “You have to use your intention to give full-attention and concentration
to what you are reading and studying, or you get distracted and lose it.
Want to stop mind-wandering, you have to first be aware you are doing it,”
offers Dr. Levinson.

9. How do you stay – in-the-FLOW, in-your-ZONE, having a Peak Experience?
Answer: “Stay focused”. What does that mean? No answer. But Dr. Levinson
states, “the higher your IQ (intelligence), the greater the number of random

Smart-folks have trouble staying on-track and focused, ‘more’ than the average.

10. Have you ever pulled into your driveway, with no memory of the turns and
twists of driving that got you there?

You were daydreaming, mind-wandering, and not paying attention.
But you were on auto-pilot because your subconscious mind was following your
“habit” map, stamped into your brain.

11. What is the cause of daydreaming, getting off-track, and mind-wandering?

Answer: your Internal Dialogue, (self-talk, & stream-of consciousness). It’s the
“still, small, voice within”, called consciousness and thinking.

12. This scientific article on the “Wandering Mind”, (occurring 50% of the time)
reading, does NOT offer a solution. They suggest we “try-harder to control our
attention”. Now comes the good stuff, the answer has existed for 50 years.

13. If you will learn the baby-easy strategies, techniques and tactics of
Speed Reading, you will easily triple your reading-speed, and
double your long-term memory, permanently. Interested and motivated?

14. Let’s cut to the chase. Speed Reading has trained 2-million students and
executives to avoid daydreaming and mind-wandering. We include the
White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents – Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter.

The creator of speed reading was Evelyn Wood, who was my business
partner. She discovered if you give students a TOOL, they will stop losing
their attention-concentration-intention, and 3x their reading and 2x their
memory – for-a-lifetime.

15. What kind of TOOL?

Our graduates use a handheld LASER pacer, a Pen, and the CURSOR on their
computer. Any one of these three will wipe-out 95% of your loss of attention
and concentration while reading text material. It’s easy, and it works.

16. If you want to master your classes and ACE your grades, and win more than
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Your life and personal skills will grow continuously, self-improvement will
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creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including
the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.