Generally, old people suffer from the pain in the nerve. One such common disease is known as Sciatica. It refers to the pain that is along the sciatic nerve. Hence, the name sciatica. The pain starts from the lower back and ends at end of your leg through your buttocks. Generally, Sciatica affects only one part of the body.

When does Sciatica happen?
Sciatica occurs when the herniated disk or the narrowing of the spinal cord compresses the part of a nerve. It may also result due to a bone spur. This results in pain, numbness, and inflammation in the affected leg. Sometimes, the pain associated with sciatica can turn severe and may require surgical treatments. However, the surgery is only required in the cases where there are bowel or bladder changes.

Symptoms of Sciatica
• Pin from the lower back via buttocks to the lower leg is the hallmark of sciatica.
• There will be sharp pain and burning sensation.
• Sometimes, it feels the current passing through the nerve.
• The pain only on one side of the body.
• Numbness in the affected leg, tightening of the muscles.
• Extreme pain when you cough and sneeze.
One should opt for immediate medical relief in the case of above symptoms.

Causes of Sciatica
Sciatica pain may arise when the nerve gets pinched. Sometimes, it may be due to the overgrowth of a bone spur in the vertebrae. It may even be compressed with a tumor or diseases like diabetes. Some of the other causes of Sciatica are-
1. Age – It is one of the most important factors in Sciatica. Herniated disk and bone spur is most common in old age and thus, results in sciatica.
2. Obesity – People with excess weight have a tendency to increase the stress on the spine with excess body weight. This may trigger changes in the spinal cord and thus, sciatica.
3. Occupation - Sometimes your job demands to carry heavy material on your back or twist your back. It may even require driving the vehicles for a long period of time, thus, play a major role in causing Sciatica.
4. Diabetes – People with high sugar levels can increase the nerve damage. This can also turn into Sciatica.
5. Prolonged Sitting – It is a condition in which people may sit for a long duration of times. People with a sedentary lifestyle, are more prone to Sciatica.

Complication of Sciatica
Although, mild Sciatica can heal on its own without any treatment. But, Sciatica can cause nerve damage to an extent causing permanent damage to the nerves. There might be some complications as well like-
• Loss of sensation and feeling in the affected leg.
• Significant damage or loss in the bowel or bladder function.
• Weakness in the leg with Sciatica.

Prevention of Sciatica
It is almost impossible to prevent Sciatica. But some key factors can play important role in protecting you from Sciatica for a long period of time. These key factors are-
1. Exercise - One should exercise regularly. Always pay special attention to your back and core of the muscles. You can even ask your Orthopedician for some exercises that will keep your abdomen and lower back in proper posture.
2. Emphasize on body mechanics - Body mechanics should keep in mind to keep your body in good condition. Some of them are-
• When you stand for long period of times, try to rest one foot on a stool or on a box.
• If you carry heavy weight for a long time, allow your lower extremities to do the work.
• Always keep your back straight and bent only knees while lifting something heavy.
• Always, ask a lifting partner if the object is very heavy.
3. Proper posture is important while sitting – Always choose a seat with armrest and good lower back support. Always consider placing a small pillow in the back to maintain a normal curve.
Therefore, Sciatica is not untreatable, it can be treated. But one has to take proper care. So, always consult the Orthopedic when you feel that you are suffering from Sciatica.

To know more about your specific condition, please visit an Orthopedician in a trusted hospital close to you.

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