The idea associating schizophrenia with demonic possession is very controversial; modern scientific thought rejects the spiritual.

One researcher is swimming upstream against the conventional current and believes there’s a viable connection between evil spirits and mental disorders.

Turkish researcher M. Kemal Irmak contends in his research paper “Schizophrenia or Possession?” that demons, “have the power to possess humans and control their body” and that mental disorders, including hallucinations can be caused by demons.

Imagine the uproar of the established scientific community in learning about this research paper, published in an actual scientific journal. Anything supernatural, that which you can’t see or touch is ignored or ridiculed in the science world.

We concede that schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder may very well be a problem with the brain, as medical professionals assert. Kids who suffer abuse are vulnerable to the identity splitting into different personalities; nobody intends to make light of the disorder.

However, our findings show it’s very possible such disorders may also be due to, or made worse by spirit possession.

Sensitive and otherwise vulnerable individuals are targeted in the unseen dimensions by dark energies and even demons. Abused kids, and those who abuse alcohol and use drugs are magnets for sinister forces, just as unhealthy physical bodies are more susceptible to parasites.

Time and time again, spiritual depossession work illustrates this phenomenon: an individual under attack finds relief after regular, long-term, or sometimes one session of, Light work. Some cases involve mere lost souls who are hitchhiking on the host, some involve dark spirits, and rare cases include demonic forces that cause dramatic behavioral changes.

Have you ever known someone who acts completely different under the influence of alcohol, well beyond the normal effects of excess drinking? A normally peaceful person who becomes violent when drunk, for example, is a hallmark sign of demonic possession.

In addition to psychological and brain-related personality disorders, why not consider the spiritual side of the equation too? History is replete with cultures that embraced the idea that the body, mind, and spirit are all connected.

Belief in the soul, afterlife, other dimensions, and dark forces isn’t only for the gullible, as the modern science community would have you believe. A lot of brilliant people repudiate the “if you can’t see it or touch it, it’s a myth” mentality, and you don’t have to be religious to do so. In fact the majority of the world’s population believes there is more to life than just a body and brain.

The orthodox explanation of schizophrenia dictates the young person suffering tremendous abuse results in her psychological self splitting into multiple personalities. Yet this is precisely the circumstance that allows disembodied souls or even dark energy to be attracted to and join the energy field of an individual. A telltale sign of possession in this case is the person suddenly, at times, speaking with a foreign accent, or exhibiting the persona of a completely different person. It’s amusing the medical community has no reasonable explanation for this occurrence.

Another sign of possession is the subject reacting to the suggestion of a depossession with anxiety, contempt, or even anger (perhaps this is why some in the medical field react so strongly to the idea?). The lost soul, or even demonic energy “on board” doesn’t like the idea of being forced out. What the lost soul doesn’t recognize is that if they leave the host and go to the Light, they will get everything they need. Unfortunately, many lost souls, like incarnated humans, don’t believe in the afterworld and higher planes and stay stuck in the lower dimensions.

Either philosophy—the conventional or spiritual—is difficult to prove, but those suffering from personality disorders have nothing to lose by trying a depossession, though the stronger the dark forces with the person, the more likely they will find an excuse to avoid it.

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