Visiting the European countries once in a lifetime is the travel goals of many zealous travel freaks. The continent oozes an amazing charm that makes it irresistible to wanderers. Getting a Schengen tourist visa certainly pave a smooth way for you to travel to Europe. Winter may make your days shorter but gives you a unique experience of European winter celebrations and the mystical landscape. The Christmas and New Year in the European countries paint a fairy-tale vacation for travelers. This short piece of writing reveals some of the top tips for your European vacation and Schengen visa application process.
Indian Nationals planning a trip to the European nations must apply for a Schengen visa from their home country or their place of current residence. A short stay tourist or visitor visa is generally valid for 90 days from the date of visa issuance and can be granted generally with multiple entries facility. Even though one may have a particular travel itinerary, once they get a valid Schengen visa stamp they are entitled to travel to any of the Schengen states, within their visa validity period in case they have any change in their travel plans within Europe.
Schengen Visa Document Checklist

Collecting the right documents is the primary requirement to increase your chances of getting a Schengen visa approval. These form the crucial part of the application process. Here you get a glimpse of the important documents required to apply for Schengen visa in India

Original Passport
Photographs as per Embassy specifications
Cover letter
Travel medical insurance
Round trip flight reservation ticket
Internal travel ticket reservation
Proof of accommodation
Income Tax Returns
Bank statements

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