Yes, we’ve all been there. We have finished writing the draft of an email, but we just don’t want to send it right now, rather want to send it later.

People want to schedule emails for a number of reasons, to ensure their email is being read first thing in the morning, or to increase the chances of it getting opened.

After trying to search search for the option in the mailbox’s options, we give up and follow plan B, which involves a litany of alarms, reminders, and last-minute rushes.

And even that might not be possible due to issues like differences in time zones.

So, composing an email, saving it as a draft, remembering to send it at the right time can be tricky and might not be possible due to a number of reasons.

Then, the question arises – how can we automatically set and delay emails?

Microsoft Outlook has a built-in option to schedule emails, but unfortunately, Gmail lacks such a feature. Despite being one of the most popular services for email on the planet, it is actually surprising that Gmail lacks such a feature. It’s honestly incredible that such a basic feature has not been incorporated in Gmail in its fourteen years of existence. So, as of today, the only way to delay email in Gmail is to use a extension.

There are a host of many extensions available. Let’s see how we can accomplish that using Boomrang. Boomrang is an extension available for Firefox and Google Chrome. It makes the process of scheduling emails to send it at a later time very simple. Lets look at how we can use Boomrang.

Step 1 : Install Boomrang for Gmail. as a extension (add-on) to your browser.
Step 2 : Once the extension is installed, refresh Gmail.
Step 3 : Compose the message you want to send later.
Step 4 : Click on the "Send later" button, which is next to the Send button at the top. Now, Boomrang will need to authenticate to be able to schedule emails at a later time. For the authentication process, a popup is shown for authentication dialog box. So, make sure any other extension is not blocking the popups.

Step 5 – After this, select the time at which you want the message to be sent. This can be done using the drop down menu that appears.
Step 6 –We can also set a message to be resent as a reminder. For this, tick the box next to "Boomerang this message”. Then, select the appropriate time.

That’s it! Using Boomrang we have scheduled a email message as per our convenience. The mail will go at the time we have specified. You can also opt for the premium subscription of Boomrang. If you want additional features. This feature is really helpful if you are trying to find the blogger outreach backlinks from the real site. You can schedule your email messages according to site webmaster’s timezone. In this way you are likely to get higher email open rate.

Let’s hope that Google releases a built in feature for scheduling the emails soon so that we wont have to rely on third party extensions.

If you have any query, you can let us know in the comment section below. We will reply asap.

Thank you.

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Scheduling emails in Gmail for sending it at a later time – A step by step guide