Scary Experiences & Pain Are Gone in 30-Seconds
• 1. “Gettoutahere!” you are Not a medical doctor, psychologist, or ophthalmologist, what the hell do you know about pain removal or trauma?” - he yelled at me.
• 2. “Right-on. I suggest you go to your physician, or get a referral to a psychiatrist or an eye-specialist for your ailment. I got enough difficulty with five new contracts, and Speed Reading101 training workshops.”
• 3. This conversation was important because we have a disclaimer on everything we do. We aint doctors, and what we teach is informational, not meant for treatment.
• 4. Here’s the rub, we see “thousands” of students, from elementary school (we start at age 10), to college and graduate school attendees. Now count the many executives at companies and organizations. They suffer information-overload, and anxiety, & they produce pain.
• 5. Part of SpeedReading101 is “stressBusting”. Why? You cannot triple your learning skills, and double your memory when you are in pain, experiencing trauma, or in a bout of chronic stress.
• 6. So? We got simple techniques that we suggest at our Workshops “might” help students relax. NOT a cure or treatment, just strategies (usually from Yoga or Zen).
• 7. Do you run to family doctor the first minute you feel a cold? How about when you feel a twinge of pain? 99% of us will use a technique or strategy from the past. Some of us work on the theory; it came by itself, and will leave the same way.
• 8. But what if you had a strategy that takes 30-seconds, and it either removes the pain, anxiety or stress, or NOT.
• 9. Our experience with Eye-Movement Reprocessing, it’s an algorithm, a step-by-step tactic that nobody can explain.
• 10. But it works often enough (up to 89%) that it feels like “magic”. It’s a 30-second ritual, and if it works for you, USE IT! No? Go to your primary care physician – now.
• 11. Step: one. Sit down, eyes open, and take a diaphragmatic breath, and on exhaling, chant aloud, four times, “Hum-m-Hum-m-Hum-m, Hum-m.” Do it a total of three-times. Why? It gets you to switch from Sympathetic to your Parasympathetic Nervous system, and relaxation.
• 12. You can stop the flow of Adrenaline and Cortisol, the stress hormone, and trigger the neurotransmitter, Acetycholine for deep relaxation. You release the fight-or-flight response for a peaceful mood.
• 13. Keep your eyes opened for the second step. Begin to mentally visualize (daydream & think about), whatever is bothering you. It can be the pain site, or an experience that causes you distress.
• 14. Sometimes the trauma is initiated by a war experience from the past. It can be an embarrassment at the office or in a relationship. How about something ‘stupid’ a parent or teacher did or said?
• 15. It may be “stupid”, but it remains as a traumatic event that causes you mental and/or physical pain.
It can be your “Amygdala” trying to protect you, but it hurts. Get this: “What we resist, persists.”
• 16. Step three: please look straight ahead, not side-to-side. Intentionally move your eyes left-to-right, and right- to-left. That’s the eye-movement action. Do not move your head from the fixed position looking ahead.
• 17. Step four: place your dominant hand in front of your face, like a windshield wiper at NOSE level. Move (wave)
your hand back-and-forth and consciously have your eyes follow your hand-movement. N.B. extreme left, & extreme right eye-movements.
• 18. That’s it. Continue using your hand as a Pacer/Pointer for your left-to-right etc. eye-movements. How long? Thirty (30) seconds, no more. Remember, keep thinking and feeling the negative thoughts and experience.
• 19. What’s happening? The professionals use this technique because it works to help relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, simple anxiety, even stubborn pain, both mental and physical. Why it works is still a mystery.
• 20. My opinion is that you have deactivated your standard form of vision – “foveal”-central-vision, and triggered your ‘Peripheral Vision’. When your FOCUS changes, so does your “State & Mood”. It is your “intention” to relieve the pain or anxiety that works it.
• 21. Remember this one: “what we resist, persists!”
Peripheral Vision is right-brained, while ‘foveal

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler: former business partner of Evelyn Wood,
creator of Speed Reading. Graduating 2-million, in addition to the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents. Presently the
educational director of Speed Reading101, teach one-day
workshops at local universities.