Scaphoid bone is most commonly fractured wrist bone and it usually gets affected when you fall on the palm of the hand. Gripping or squeezing the objects often worsens the pain associated with scaphoid fracture.

In case of scaphoid fracture, patients’ wrists are immobilized in a cast. Physical therapy treatment helps in achieving range of motion or mobility affected due to immobilization. Scaphoid fracture is particularly common among skate boarding or snowboarding sports as the person usually falls on hard surface during these sports.

Which type of rehabilitation exercises are advised for Scaphoid Fracture?

Casting for Scaphoid Fracture generally requires six to ten weeks; thereafter rehabilitation exercises can help you gain lost range of motion, but before you begin on rehabilitation exercises, you should make it sure that both the bone and soft tissue is fully healed. After your doctor feels that your Scaphoid bone is sufficiently healed, he will refer you to physical therapist, who would advise and administer wrist exercises. Following rehabilitation exercises would be advised to help you to regain the lost mobility:

Strengthening Exercises: Strengthening exercises including wrist extension or flexion are performed to build up muscles or bones that may have weakened during the treatment

Stretching Exercises: Stretching exercises are crucially important for rehabilitation after a wrist fracture as it helps increasing the range of motion. Stretching exercises like; wrist extension, wrist flexion or extension stretch is advised to rehabilitate your wrist.

Range of Motion Exercises: Range of motion exercises including bending your wrist or squeezing will help to reduce pain and stiffness as well. Other range of motion exercises involving movement of wrist up & down and back & forth can also help to improve immobilization.

Progressive Resistive Exercises: Progressive resistive exercises including functional activities and exercises strengthening the muscles crossing wrist may be employed.

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