No matter where someone is from on this planet, there is a strong chance that they will have a few sayings. They may have picked these up from the people around them and/or they may have learned them through reading books.

One may find that they use these sayings throughout their day, or they might not use them as often as that. However, when they do use them, they are likely to feel better about what is happening in their life.

There is also the chance that one won’t use a saying to feel better, and that they will use it to be right. In this case, it won’t matter how they feel after saying what they have said; what matters is that it will give them a sense of control.

If something keeps happening in their life and this causes them to feel as though they have no control, the saying will allow them to experience control. This is because being right will help them to alleviate how they feel about what is happening.


Therefore, sayings can provide someone with the validation they need to keep going in life. During those moments where their life is not going to plan, they will be able to rise above what is happening.

Whether the saying is logical or if it matches up with reality will be irrelevant, and this could come down to the fact that one just needs something to keep them going. Similar to how one may be hungry and instead of eating something that is healthy, they may end up eating anything.


Their priority will be to have something that will take away their cravings, and they won’t think about anything else. And through saying something to themselves, it may give them the inspiration they need to move forward, and to go after their dreams.

There is then no need for them to read a page in a book or a whole book; they only need to hear a few words. And in todays fast past world, this is often the only thing people have time for.

The Down Side

If one is in a rush to do something, there is always the chance they will end up overlooking something. This is because they won’t have the time to go through everything, and this can set them up to experience problems.

One then doesn’t take the time to look into something and to think about whether it is as it should be. When this relates to sayings, one can end up saying things without taking the time to really think about what they are saying.

A Habit

What they say has then become a habit, and it won’t matter whether it is having a positive influence on their life. This shows that not only is it possible for someone to behave in ways that are reactive; they can also say things that are reactive.

Now, if the words ones used had no effect on their life or on the people around them, it wouldn’t matter what they said to themselves or others. Yet, as one’s words are powerful, it will be important for them to think about what they are saying.

Positive Feedback

What can also make a difference here is if the sayings that one uses are validated by the people they spend time with, or if they are supported by the society they live in. And as a result of this external support, one may come to the conclusion that what they are saying is right.

However, even if one is surrounded by people who have the same outlook, it doesn’t mean that what they are saying is true. For instance, just because something is seen as conventional wisdom, it doesn’t mean that it is accurate.

Everything Happens For a Reason

One saying that is often heard in today’s world is: ‘everything happens for a reason’. This is a saying that one may use when a relationship comes to an end or it could be said when they miss out on something.

As a result of what happens, certain thoughts and feelings are going to arise, and one will be able to reassure themselves through using this saying. In this case, it could be said that this saying allows someone to regulate what is taking place within them.

Time Passes

Through time, one may end up having an experience that causes them to see how a relationship needed to end or how an opportunity needed to pass them by in order for them to be where they are today. However, just as there will be moments like this, there could also be moments where life ends up getting worse.

When this happens, one may end up questioning whether this saying is true, or they might end up going the other way. In this instance, one might use it even more and it could have an even bigger influence on their life.

The Mind

The mind is often described as the story maker, and this is partly because it can create all kinds of ideas. When one experiences pain, the mind can end up creating a story, and this can stop them from having to face how they feel.

It won’t matter whether the minds ideas have anything to do with what is taking place, and this is because one will just want to feel better. The mind is then being used to suppress what is taking place in their body.

A Timeline

If one was look back on their life and to think about a time where something went wrong, they might see that they were soon back on track. Based on this, it would be easy to say that what happened in the past happened for a reason, and this is then backed up by the fact that their life soon changed.

However, one may also look back on times in their life where they had painful experiences and see that their life didn’t get any better. In this case, what happened was painful and that’s something they have had to accept.


While it is normal for human beings to seek pleasure and to avoid pain, it can set them up to suffer. The reason for is that it is not always in one’s best interests to avoid pain.

There will be times when it will be important for them to avoid pain, and there will be times when they will need to face it. If one was to always avoid pain, they would end up disconnecting from reality, and the pain within them may lead to further problems down the line.

A Spiritual Perspective

It is often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and in this case, the human experience is an illusion. However, no matter what happened before we were here or what will happen after we are gone, while we are here, we are governed by certain laws.

One of those laws is that pain is part if life, and while one can try to avoid pain through using certain sayings, that doesn’t mean that it will simply disappear. This doesn’t mean that one needs to allow bad things to define their life or that they should lose hope, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that they need to deny the fact that bad things do happen.

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