Is there something you have wanted to do, or more importantly, you know you need to do, to increase your happiness, confidence and motivation, and improve your future? - However, the thought of it absolutely terrifies you?

Is it to learn a new skill for work, or join a networking group to expand your knowledge, social skills and increase your contacts? Would you like to say yes to a partner, sibling, or family member, to improve a relationship? Would you like to say yes to a personal trainer or a gym membership? Maybe you have wanted to commit to regular dates with your partner to increase the 'love' in your life? Is there a holiday destination you have been dreaming about for years, or do you have a book you dream about writing some day? Would you like to speak more confidently in public, but just the thought of going to a public speaking course, sends shock waves of fear through your veins? (It did me, once.)

Opportunities are all around you, however some people shrug them off too quickly, or put them into the 'too hard' basket. Some people bark 'No', too easily, because saying yes to an opportunity which could potentially take you to bigger and better things, also takes you out of your comfort zone and into the zone of fear and vulnerability.

Sometimes the hardest person to say YES to, is yourself!

There are opportunities everywhere, some are offered to you, some keep popping up continuously, and sometimes, you have to take responsibility for your own life and take the initiative to create the opportunity. Is it time you said yes to an opportunity, or is it time you took the initiative to create a really great opportunity?

1. Take time out and sit somewhere quietly, on your own. Make sure it's somewhere you will not be disturbed, and ask yourself 'What is one thing I would like to do that will improve my life, right now? 'What do I need to say 'Yes' to, to achieve this goal?

2. Write down your answer. Be very precise.

3. Write down what you fear the most about achieving your goal. Writing your fears on paper helps you seee them from a different perspective and diffuses their power.

4. Talk to someone who is already doing what you would like to be doing and ask them how they did it.... This could be someone in another state or country. Find a way to make contact, and ask them how they went about doing it. Ask them, what did they fear the most, and how did they overcome any obstacles? You may need to enlist a professional or a mentor.

5. Pick up the phone and make arrangements to take the first step.

6. Buddy up. Tell a good friend or family member, and ask them to encourage you and support you.

7. Each day do something positive towards achieving the end result.

8. AFFIRM daily and often - Feel the fear and do it anyway....

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