When you are desperate for time to yourself and you feel way out of balance in your life, it is time to start saying no!

No, I can't do it.
No, I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
No, I can't stay late tonight and work.
No, I can't come in on my day off.

Say no. Say it frequently. Say it often. Don't give away all of yourself. Keep some energy. People might not understand or even like it; they may even accuse you of being selfish. But do it anyway.

It is so important to our mental health to nourish ourselves and stay in tuned with what we need. We need time to renew our spirit, take time to read a book, or better yet, take a nap! Setting clear boundaries in your life can be easier when you take time to know yourself. It is imperative to be aware of what YOU want and put yourself FIRST. YES YOU! PUT YOU FIRST! When you set clear boundaries, you take control of your life. You decide on only involving yourself in activities that YOU want to be involved in. This takes practice. For some of us, saying no is hard to do.

Keep yourself whole. Give of yourself only to your worthy causes. Stay strong in your own power. People who lack boundaries constantly give pieces of themselves away. No wonder they look worn, tired and depleted. Say YES when you really mean it, when you engage in an activity or a duty you enjoy, joy flows back to you.

Wishing you joy always and in all ways.

Author's Bio: 

Julie McGrath is a motivational speaker and founder of The Joy Source in Peabody, Massachusetts. Through her six-week Joy Course and biannual all-day events, Ms. McGrath encourages women to live their best life possible. More information can be found at http://www.thejoysource.com.