In 2020, we are facing some big changes in our lifestyles- things we once did outside the comforts of our home are being put to a halt until the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic calms down.

There have been several things that have been negatively impacting us this year. This quarantine has affected many things. Lack of Employment, socialization, and-the topic of our discussion today- our health.

When it comes to your healthy lifestyle, you might be experiencing a lot of difficulties. Your daily workout has been put to a halt, and working out at home does not give out the same fitness results. Most end up giving in to their cravings and eating out the snacks stored up for quarantine.

Naturally, this can lead to some extra weight on your body, and you would probably be sulking about how there isn't anything you can do to change that. However, just because you are quarantined during the pandemic, it does not mean you should let those extra pounds be on lockdown too.

Nivedith Gajapathy is a fitness blogger who underwent a weight transformation during the lockdown this year. He ended up dropping 47 kgs from his 126.6kgs, leading up to his current weight of 79kgs. With his example serving as a beacon of hope for your weight loss journey, you can make a considerable difference in your health by following a quarantine diet plan from the tips written below.

Keep Your Diet Balanced

Do not approach the mindset of "If I eat a very less amount, I can lose more weight." Sure, you would be losing weight-while also damaging your health exponentially in the process.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an unhealthy diet has led to roughly 678,000 deaths each year. Even if you are safe from the virus outside, you are still putting your health at risk at home.

Make sure that you maintain a balanced diet. Try incorporating healthy fats, proteins, and carbs in your daily routine. Each nutrient will work its way to improve and strengthen your digestive and immune system.

Hydrate Yourself

Clinical studies from the PKD Foundation claim that 37% of people confuse hunger for thirst as signals for thirst are weak. You might be one of those people in that percentage-leading you to believe that you were hungry instead of thirsty.

We suggest that you should drink plenty of water. Not only does it satisfy your thirst, but it also diminishes your hunger cravings. A good amount of water intake can naturally fine-tune your kidneys, keep your skin looking fresh, and remove any harmful toxins that are encouraging weight gain in your body.

Get Friendly With Vegetables and Fruits

One of the most palpable ally in reducing weight loss is none other than your daily fruits and vegetables. Making sure to eat at least 1-2 fruits a day can make a positive change in your weight.

Fruits such as cranberries, oranges, currants, cherries, etc. are enriched with a wide range of antioxidants that fight against free radicals and reinforces your immune system. Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, beets, etc. are infused with fibers, which are natural suppressants for the appetite and reduce the number of calories being consumed.

If you keep your body moving and follow the above tips, it will only be a matter of time before the results start appearing right in front of your eyes.

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Bianca Leon Rodriguez is a freelance writer and author. A self-confessed foodie, her mission is to help new and aspiring bloggers overcome their doubts, gain confidence, and take the first steps towards their writing dream. You can always follow her @BiancaLRodr on Twitter & @bianca-rodr on Linkedin.