Do you want the traditional metal braces that are often uncomfortable and visually unappealing? If so, it's time to discover the freedom and convenience of Invisalign. At Sutton Aesthetic Dentistry, we understand the importance of having a beautiful smile that you can confidently show off. That's why we offer Invisalign as a modern alternative to traditional braces. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Invisalign and why it is becoming the preferred choice for teeth straightening treatment.

Understanding Invisalign:

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet option for teenagers and adults who want to improve their smile without paying attention to their orthodontic treatment.

The Benefits of Invisalign:

Aesthetics: One of the main advantages of Invisalign is its discreet appearance. The clear aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, making them virtually invisible. This means you can confidently smile and interact with others without feeling self-conscious about your braces.

Comfort: Invisalign aligners are made from smooth, BPA-free plastic, eliminating the discomfort often associated with metal braces. The aligners are custom-designed to fit your teeth perfectly, reducing the chances of irritation or soreness.

Removability: Unlike traditional braces fixed to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are removable. This means you can easily take them out when eating or drinking, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite foods without restrictions. Removing the aligners makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly.

Convenience: Invisalign treatment requires fewer dentist visits than traditional braces. You will receive a series of aligners at each visit, typically every two weeks, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments. This makes Invisalign a convenient option for individuals with busy schedules.

Predictable Results: Using advanced 3D imaging technology, your dentist will create a digital treatment plan showing your teeth' step-by-step movement during the Invisalign process. This lets you visualise the final results before you even begin treatment, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the outcome.

The Invisalign Process:

Consultation: Your Invisalign journey begins with a comprehensive consultation at Sutton Aesthetic Dentistry. Our experienced team will evaluate your oral health, discuss your goals, and determine if Invisalign is the right treatment option.

Customised Treatment Plan: If you decide to proceed with Invisalign, our dentist will take digital impressions, photographs, and x-rays of your teeth to create a customised treatment plan. This plan will outline the precise movements of your teeth and the estimated duration of your treatment.

Clear Aligners: Based on your treatment plan, a series of clear aligners will be fabricated precisely for you. Each set of aligners will be worn for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next set. Over time, your teeth will gradually shift into their desired position.

Monitoring Progress: Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you will have regular check-ups with our dental team to monitor your progress and ensure that your teeth are moving according to plan. Any necessary adjustments or refinements will be made to optimise your results.

Retention: Once your teeth have reached their desired alignment, you will be provided with retainers to maintain the results of your Invisalign treatment. Wearing retainers as instructed by your dentist will help prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original position.


At Sutton Aesthetic Dentistry, everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of. With Invisalign, you can say goodbye to traditional metal braces and experience the freedom of clear, removable aligners. Our skilled team of dental professionals will guide you through the Invisalign process, ensuring you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you've always desired.

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