Shoulders are important parts of our body and consist of arteries, veins, nerves tendons and ligaments. As shoulder joints are highly mobile, it becomes vulnerable to injuries. A slight injury to the joints, muscles or ligaments of your shoulder may cause chronic pain. Luckily, most of the chronic shoulder problems such as a dislocated shoulder or a broken bone can be treated with an effective remedial massage.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain & Stiffness

If you often experience chronic pain in your shoulder, it’s important to discern the underlying reasons for shoulder stiffness. Shoulder consists of a set of complex nerves, tissues and muscles that work in cohesion to offer stability and mobility to your body.

Shoulders are also influenced by chest muscles, spine and neck movements and if one of these areas fail to function, you might experience pain or stiffness in your shoulder bones.

Some common causes of shoulder stiffness include:

  • Musculoskeletal tension: To avoid muscle tightness, it’s essential to have stability in your shoulders. If your shoulder muscles lack strength, it exerts additional pressure on the joints and soft tissues, which in turn causes stiffness or pain in that particular area.
  • Stiffness in Neck: Sometimes, there are several underlying causes behind shoulder pain. Since neck muscles are adjacent to the shoulder muscles and tissues, a slight disorder can make your neck muscles sore. The nerves that run through your shoulders become disturbed and eventually affect the surrounding areas.
  • Improper Posture: Most of the time, poor postures are culprits behind shoulder problems. Sitting or standing in a bad posture for a long time can affect your traps, posterior muscles and cause pain or tightness. Opting for remedial massage therapy in Perth done by an expert masseuse can improve your posterior movements and alleviate shoulder pain.
  • Overdoing Exercises & Gymming: It’s good to perform regular exercises and tone up your body but not at the cost of your health. Overdoing exercises and physical movements such as lifting, cardio etc., may irritate your shoulder muscles and make them stiff, which in turn, will cause pain in shoulders.

How Remedial Massage Can Treat Shoulder Injuries

There’s no replacement for an effective remedial massage in alleviating shoulder pain or injuries. However, before starting with the pain-healing process, it’s essential to detect the root cause of the problem and ease muscles that have become stiff so that they regain strength and flexibility.

Remedial massage addresses the root cause of the pain and provides instant relief from stiffness. Professionals offering remedial massage apply firm-pressure to ease tense muscles, damaged tissues thereby alleviating muscle spasm to provide ultimate relief from shoulder injuries.

Unique Remedial Massage Techniques for Treating Shoulder Injuries

To alleviate chronic pain from shoulders, professional masseuse applies some effective treatment techniques such as:

  • Neural glides to ease nerve tension
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises for shoulder to improve postural movements
  • Stretching of neck and shoulder
  • Cupping therapy to vacuum out excess air from the cup.

Bottom Line

Shoulder problems can put you into trouble if not treated on time. If you are going through frequent shoulder problems and want permanent relief from the discomfort, give this article a thorough read to know why remedial massage is best for shoulder pain.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professionally trained remedial massage therapist providing pain-healing remedial massage therapy in Perth to clients who have arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, neck and joint pain, shoulder injuries.