One highly specialized line of dental treatment to retain natural teeth is endodontics. Endodontics is a treatment whereby damaged tissue of an affected tooth is removed after which root canal treatment is done.

It is something we all wish we had – a beautiful even set of pearly white teeth. A brilliant smile to capture the hearts of all on whom it is flashed. To have a set of teeth this has a healthy and uniform appearance. Unfortunately one could say that 9 out of 10 people would need dental care and treatment to achieve this perfect look.

Endodontic therapy:

Inside our teeth we have tissue known as dental pulp and which over time and use, gets damaged. This dental pulp is what nourishes the tooth as it contains nerves and blood vessels. When the dental pulp in the tooth gets infected it tends to form an abscess which is painful and can lead to further problems. So removal of this infected pulp needs to be carried out. An x-ray will show whether a tooth is infected or not, and if so the root canal is cleaned and sealed up with a special dental material. This protects the tooth from any further infection. More often than not a simple root canal would be required to save a tooth, without having to remove the infected pulp.

It is important to save all your natural teeth – instead of having them totally removed. Yes there are treatments such as implants and bridges, but they still would not give the same protection as your natural teeth. Endodontic treatment is recommended as it is a lifetime treatment, and can save even teeth that have serious infection. It is a surgery which is used to locate any fractures or hidden canals which x-rays do not throw up. The treatment is also known as apicoectomy or resection of the root end.

Types of treatment:

Treatment includes teeth which have been fractured or chipped; teeth which have been dislodged; and avulsed teeth or root fractures. These are dental problems which can be treated by endodontics.

Trinity Endondontics Orlando is a dental facility run by highly skilled physicians. At Trinity patients are treated keeping in mind their concerns, and ensuring they get the best possible treatment. Trinity also offers other specialized dental treatments such as:

Pulp capping – Root amputation – Pulpotomy - Canal Preparation and fitting – Hemisection – Apicoectomy/Periradicular services – Core buildup – Apexification/Recalcification – Non-surgical endodontic therapy – Endodontic retreatment – Post space preparation – Oral cancer screenings.

To avail of any of the above treatments at Trinity Endodontics you can make an appointment. However in case of an emergency, you will be fitted in without an appointment.

In cases where it is not possible to save the tooth, other replacements like an implant or bridge may be considered. This would all depend on the other teeth, and what condition they are in. If dental implant is opted for, keep in mind that the actual surgery takes several months to complete, as natural healing has to be accommodated. It is also a complex and expensive procedure.

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Trinity Endodontics is a root canal therapy center conveniently located in Orlando and Lakeland, Florida. It offering professional endodontic care from Dr Terryl M. Crawford and Dr. Sandra M. Justiniano.