Near about 3 billion people are using the Internet today. The majority of them are using it, on your mobile phones and that even smartphones. Some countries have really expensive data rates whereas some have really cheap rates. Internet data rates are too high in the United States and in India, data rates are the cheapest in the world. India alone has got 500 million online users and most of them are using reliance jio as a mobile network service provider.

People are everything about their online by using mobile applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. They share their moments through photos and videos. WhatsApp has the option to download multimedia from its application but other apps like Facebook and Instagram, do not give such options to users.

Gojon has developed a web platform called that anyone can use to download these multimedia files. A user just needs to verify their mobile number before start using it. This is done to avoid spammers on its website. After a number is verified a user is given access to all the features. This software can be accessed on both desktop and mobile. On the desktop, OTP will be generated to verify your identity.

All these files will be saved directly from their servers, which are most probably located in the south of the united states. All of these servers are running anti-virus software all the time. So there is no chance that your system will get infected by downloading or saving files through Downloadgram. Just put the unique hash code of your social profile in the app and it will do the whole process for you.

No one can edit the properties of these files. As of them are encrypted through the MD5 mechanism, which is top-level encryption even used by the military. So just see or watch these multimedia files and enjoy them.

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