Having a bigger or smaller fleet is not an easy task to keep track of and to organize efficiently while saving on costs. The reason for the GPS System’s development is to allow the business owners and managers to raise profit and time efficiency. The list of the most important benefits starts right here.

Command Gps Tracking

The Profit

The command GPS tracking system’s number one reason to be used is to save money. The statistics and the latest research show that the savings on overtime costs of a single employee are over $ 5000 per year. If this is not the most important reason to apply this system to your company! It also allows you to get in control of the route of the delivery and truck system, so your drivers will not lose time in a traffic jam.

The Fleet

The second benefit using a GPS tracking system on the list is the efficiency in time and use, as well as productivity of a specific vehicle and the driver. The manager in command does not have to relate to the reports of traffic, use, and route filled by the driver itself. Everything will be monitored by the system, as well as the kilometers driven, so it could cost the company less money, as you will be able to plan the regular vehicle service ahead of time.

The Fuel and Environment

By eliminating the standby mode, called idling, on a vehicle, saves approximately $ 2000 a year. And as a business owner, you really need to consider the GPS tracking, which allows you to follow up the route taken or the unnecessary speeding, as well as the potential mediocre driving skills of your driver. And by making your fleet being less in use or more efficiently used, the CO2 elimination becomes significantly high too. So you are not only saving money but saving the planet too!

The Route and Support

Monitoring the real-time vehicle and driver’s movement and their actual location allows you to decide without any delay if another route to the destination should be taken, because of traffic or accident. The customer service department will thank you for this support, as your vehicles will arrive on time, every single time.

The Maintenance

The major cost efficiency has been proven in the safety and maintenance of a vehicle tracked. The recordings of all the routes and kilometers driven, even weather conditions will help you to proceed with the necessary services. Alerts can be programmed to notify you if the time has come to change tires or any other parts to be checked or exchanged to keep your fleet in perfect condition.

The Records

Every vehicle, every movement of your fleet will be recorded. This part of the GPS system will be appreciated most when thinking about time control management. Every day’s work will be kept automatically recorded and you may organize it to your needs. The recordings may help you to put together statistics or routes of the locations and clients you deliver to regularly, or the best route to reach a specific destination to reduce kilometers driven.

The Insurance

The Insurance companies support strongly the business using GPS tracking in their fleet management, by offering compelling insurance fee discounts. The role of the tracking and recording of your fleet could make you less accountable for any accidents caused by your trucks or claims of your drivers.

The Vehicles

Most managers and business owners do not encourage the use of their fleet in after hours.
The real-time GPS tracking shows you the location of each vehicle. No unauthorized use will be possible.

The Employee

The safety of an employee is also one of the undeniable benefits of the command GPS tracking. Exact spot, destination, and route, as well as driving behavior, will be recorded and shown in real-time. Taking these records into consideration you will be able to arrange the company’s meetings or training sessions to avoid any mistakes or accidents or wrong decisions on route choice and to try for higher safety standards of your employees.

The Customer Service

As already mentioned above, when delivering to a customer, it is of utmost importance not only to deliver the item in one piece but also on time. Choosing in real time the best route option to avoid traffic jam or any accidents on the route, makes your company the most accountable and trustworthy, with the best possible customer service delivered.

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