The wedding venue is where you are having the wedding and reception and in the United States the average cost of a wedding is over twenty thousand dollars. But there are ways in which you can cut this down without sacrificing on your big day. One way to cut back on the wedding in Toms River NJ expenses is to save on your wedding venue. Here are some tips to help you save money on your wedding venue.

• Focus on the priorities for the venue—what is the main thing you want the wedding venue to have, such as great view but not as much emphasis placed on the catering or do you want great catering and food but it does not matter where the venue is located. You will need to figure out what is the most important thing the venue should have and budget the things that do not matter as much.

• Try outside the city—if you live in a big city consider a small town outside the city limits. Because there are more choices for wedding venues in a larger city the prices are generally higher.

• Choose one venue—to help save money choose a wedding venue that can also host the reception. This way you will not have to pay two location fees. Churches generally have a church hall that can be used for a reception.

• Ask for a discount if you pay in full—many times the bride will make a down payment on the venue and pay off the rest at a later time. Check to see if you pay in full if the venue will give you a discount. Make sure that you get a contract with a reimbursement plan in case something goes wrong.

• Non-traditional wedding venues Toms River—for your wedding you do not have to go the traditional church route but be creative. Get married in a public park, your backyard, etc. Chose a place that does not typically host wedding and you may find that they do not charge the exorbitant price that the places well known for hosting weddings.

• Do not choose Saturday to be married on—this is the most common day for people to get married because that is what most people are use to and it seems to be a tradition. For all of these reasons it is the most expensive day to rent a venue. Some banquet halls in Ocean County NJ will offer their venues for fifty percent less if you book it for a Friday or Sunday. The reason is that wedding venues are typically not booked for those days so when they are booked it is like extra money for the venue so everyone wins.

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