If only money is that easy to get, we could easily solve our problems and live a happy and prosperous life. But as we know, this is only a dream. To earn money requires all your talents and extreme effort to be given out completely. Using money is another tricky business.

If you are not careful, you might fall as victim to lifelong debts and poverty. Okay, lifelong debts may be a little exaggeration but you should understand that unwise spending is the start of losing all your hard-earned money to unnecessary things.

If you want to make the most of your earnings, learn to be thrift and save money that you can use for the future. To help you save effectively, here is some advice on saving money. First, remove from your budget allocations, all things that you feel is unimportant to you. These are the things that you can do without, like a fancy dress or the latest shoes.

Learn to live within your means so you can prevent yourself from overspending. To do this more effectively, write down all your expenses in a little notebook. Every week, examine that notebook to see if you have been spending wisely.

This procedure can also enlighten you on where have been spending all you earnings. As an example, it may become clear to you that eating out every night is slashing dollars off your salary.

Other common pitfalls are frequent movie trips and possibly the snacks you munch on every day may be a little costly. Hanging out with friends every night eats up considerable amounts of money. Once you have recognized all these problems, start by eliminating them one by one.

You don’t really need to completely stop buying new dresses or going to theaters, but at least lessen their frequency. Make movie-trips a once-in-a-month treat and parties only on special occasions. With this single way and a little discipline, you’re on your way to successfully saving.

Be cautious, though, because you may be cutting budget on important things. Remember you have to spend on necessities. Food and clothing are some of the things you can’t cut. However, as said earlier, make your meals less extravagant by cooking healthy and sumptuous instead of eating out.

Be simple in your outfit so you don’t have to spend hundreds on designer clothes. Other necessities you cannot cut are electric and water bills. These two must have a permanent allocation in your budget.

Loans, mortgages, and insurance must also be paid on time or else you can kill your savings on interest and penalties. The bottom line of saving effectively is to spend less than you earn. This needs discipline and dedication from you.

Do away first with what you want and be simple on the things that you need. Saving may be difficult to do for the first time, but as you get used to a thrift lifestyle, it is not long before you see your bank savings account rise up delightfully.

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Dan Cavalli, an Australian businessman and Author. He is an entrepreneur and expert on small-business success and has a published International selling book: ‘Blueprint for Making Millions’.

Dan specializes in the creation of businesses and building them to full potential fast. His most noted success in business was where he started his first business from zero and built it to $140 million in 18 months. He has repeated similar results over the years and he now teaches people how he builds businesses extraordinarily fast with effective sales and marketing techniques.