Whether you are a stay at home mom or working to help with the household expenses, family finance management usually falls on the shoulders of women. That is probably because they get to monitor what is needed at home and what needs to be purchased to make sure everyone in the family has what they need to live comfortably.

When it comes to deciding what is best for the family, both spouses or partners have to share the burden. But in most cases, women have the bigger role of defining what needs to be decided upon to ensure the household is well provided for.

Given that role, what can women do to make sure that their household finances are stable and equipped to withstand any situation.

First of all, you need to create a personal cushion so you will not be crippled by any sudden financial crisis - like another recession for instance. To create that personal cushion, you need to build up your emergency fund so it is big enough to provide for the whole family for 6 months to a year.

Another thing that you need to work on is curbing the impulse to overspend on those that you love. While it is understandable, you need to be wiser in choosing when to give your spouse and children expensive items. Limit it to birthdays, holidays and other gift giving occasions. Try not to buy them something just because it is popular in school or to uphold your affluent image. Not only will it affect your finances, it sends the wrong message and money practices to the members of your family. We want to give them what they want but you need to teach them the right values too. Your children should grow up with the right money management values so they grow up to be smart spenders.

It is also important, especially for stay at home moms, to maintain a good credit score. Apply for at least one credit card and establish a good payment record. This highlights the fact that you have the financial capacity to purchase and the financial maturity to settle your payables. Having this practice overtime will reflect positively in your credit standing especially with financial institutions. It proves that you are able to meet your financial obligations. Having a good credit score opens a lot of opportunities for you in the future such as easier loan approval. It could also lead to lower interest rates for those loans. The financial institutions, such as banks, will extend this to you because they do not see you as a potential risk.

It is also a great idea to have a separate bank account. It is ideal for married couples to have a joint savings or checking account but having a separate bank book is also a good idea. It adds to your sense of urgency to ensure that your finances are all in order and this spills over to all your financial obligations.

As you practice sensible financial decisions on your own account, it rubs off to your family’s finances as well. With your own account, you can learn things such as ensuring the minimum daily or monthly balance, putting in transfers for payments and possibly buying into investment tools.

By getting a good handle on these things through constant practice on your personal account, the family’s finance will greatly benefit and reap the financial benefits of your financial expertise.

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