If you don’t want to miss out the deadline for filing your 2012 personal income tax return next year, then you must follow some tax filling tips. This article discusses some basic tax filling tips for the Canadians to bear in mind as they prepare for their annual exercise.

Make sure to take benefit of all the income-splitting as well as pension sharing options. Income splitting is a viable option to save on dollars in the tax as the income is shifted from someone in the higher tax bracket to someone in the lower bracket. It is possible for the Canadians to share their retirement income or Canada Pension Plan income with their spouse or partners if both the partners are above 60 years of age.

Pension income transferring or dividing or splitting is not as same as that of pension sharing. However, the CPP pension sharing option can help attain much of the same thing. It can help to put more returns into your lower income spouse/partner. Those Canadians who are 65 and more can divide different kinds of the pension income like the life annuity payments from the RRSP annuity payments, RRIF payments, company pension plan.

Second, you can transfer the unused credits. A diversity of tax credits like the Child Tax Credit can well be transferred between the spouses. Many credits for the students like the education, tuition and the textbook credits can be moved to a parent, or a spouse or even the grandparent once the tax credits are used to minimize the tax payable of student to zero.

The tax credits can be carried forward for an indefinite period of time so that the student can also use them later on when he or she begins to earn money. Following next, you must know about the limits of using the online tax filling software programs. Most software programs will provide suggestions in order to transfer the credits and to optimize the deductions between the family members and spouses.

Make sure to claim all the medical expenses you are eligible. There is a long list of expenses which you qualify. Only expenses which exceed the lesser of about $2,052 or 3 percent of the net income can even be claimed. The travel expenses can even qualify when someone require covering 40 kilometers in order to get the medical treatment.

Overall, make sure to keep good records. Receipts are essential to claim the medical expenses and to file for a great variety of the other tax credits. You must be aware that Canada Revenue Agency performs spot checks on the tax returns. Nonetheless, if you are not considering hiring a professional to do your taxes, then you must know what you can and can’t deduct.

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