Couples having marriage problems want simple save my marriage advice that they can implement quickly. They want a

neatly packaged marriage miracle. The problem with that is most marriages in trouble need more than a quick fix. A

band aid fix will not work in most cases. Most marriages that are in deep trouble need major surgery that requires

cutting away and replacing the negative feelings and emotions that created the problem in the first place.

In order to save your marriage, you will have to work at it continuously and confront those issues that are tearing

you apart. You will need to find resolution and forgiveness with your mate before you can begin to rebuild your

marriage relationship.

Here is the thing that every couple must do to make progress in saving their marriage....Compromise. As any

professional marriage counselor will tell you, all save my marriage advice starts with compromise from both

parties. Without give and take from each partner, you will not be able to fix your marriage and your next call

may be to a a divorce attorney. The reason why nearly half of all marriages end up in divorce is that they do not

have the tools to communicate and when they cannot communicate, there is no compromise. Save my marriage advice,

whether it is from a trusted family friend, minister or professional marriage counselor, will not be helpful until

there are open lines of communication and a willingness to compromise by both parties is present.

In order to open up lines of communication when they have been closed for so long is not an easy task. In fact, it

may be the toughest thing you will have to do to fix the problems in your marriage. There are several schools of

thought from various professional save my marriage advice counselors for successfully opening up lines of

communication, but there is no magic formula.

The most common thought by most save my marriage advice counselors is for you to set aside some time just for the

two of you. This can be time late night after the kids go to bed. It might be a regularly scheduled date night

for just the two of you. Whatever time or way you choose, it is imperative that commit to that time and stick to

the scheduled time regardless of circumstances. You must make it your top priority that can only be changed by

sickness or major catastrophe. You must make your marriage a priority and sticking to your "date night"; any save

my marriage advice you decide to follow will have a better chance of success.

One of the most important things for you and your mate to do is to listen to one another completely by hearing one

another out. Don't interrupt them in the middle of a sentence. Let them complete their thought process then you

can share your feelings. The best save my marriage advice we can offer from our own experience is to listen to

your spouse and look them in the eye as they talk to you.

Listening is critical and that requires you to wait to comment until your spouse has said everything that they are

feeling. If you need to clarify something so it is clear in your mind, do it by repeating what they said to you

and ask them if that is correct. When it comes to save my marriage advice, one of the biggest problems comes from

spouses not feeling that you can confide in their partner in marriage.

It may take some time for some couples, but the next step in the save my marriage advice is to make sure you are

having non-sexual physical intimacy. For most couples who have gone through some serious marriage problems, that

non-sexual intimacy, like holding hands, kissing, etc. gets lost in the anger and frustration. This physical

bonding is an important piece of our save my marriage advice because it not only links you physically, but it also

links you emotionally and spiritually.

The simple things, but critical actions we shared above are just the beginning when it comes to save my marriage

advice. These are just very important first steps that most couple must take to save their marriage. In order for

any save my marriage advice to be effective, it takes two fully-committed partners who are willing to compromise

with one another to make the marriage work. It takes the power of two to make it work.

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