Doctors are life saviors but what if they cannot be reached in time? Hospitals have to answer a lot of queries all the time because patients call for ambulance, emergency needs, consulting a doctor, check up reports, asking for appointment, advice or after effects and many more things. Doctors serve their patients 24x7. Maintaining a phone book with phone number of each specialist is not possible. Usually people believe in saving one number of a hospital through which they can communicate with the respective specialist in case of emergencies.

When in an emergency, people dial hospitals for help. In this case, if there is already a large overhead of calls in the hospital and the patient’s call is on waiting, it might turn out to be unpleasant if the call is not answered in time. So, a seamless communication channel needs to be maintained in the hospital so that the calls can be routed to the correct destinations in time and to avoid missing out any call. There are multiple reasons why hospitals should get Hosted PBX systems installed and serve their patients better.

Hosted PBX is a third party service that allows you to maintain a seamless flow of communication at an affordable price. In this system, the setup and maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the service provider. The system is configured and is provided ready for use. Moreover, no additional hardware is required. The system can be clubbed with the traditional PSTN phones or the VoIP phones and cheap calling rates can be provided if you opt for VoIP services.

Benefits of Hosted PBX systems for Hospitals

- The hospital staff can stay connected all the time and internal calling from and to the hospital staff is provided free of cost if VoIP is used.

- The IT hassles involved in the setup and maintenance of a large phone system are eliminated.

- If a call is meant for a specific doctor for some advice or enquiry and the doctor is not in his cabin, then that call can be transferred to the doctor’s cell phone or home phone and the conversation can continue from there.

- Interactive Voice Response feature enables the users to choose from the menu provided and based on their choice, the Automatic Call Distributor directs those calls to their respective department.

- Missed calls if unanswered, can be sent to voicemails. So, the hospital staff can be aware of emergencies and contact the person to check if he still needs help.

- The number of extensions required can be increased as per the hospital requirements and they have to pay for exactly what they use.

- The last but not the least, the professional image of the hospital is enhanced. If quicker and better response is provided to the people and the patient problems are dealt with as their own, then the people will give good feedback about your services and your hospital can gain a better stand among the dominant players.

Benefits of Hosted PBX systems for Patients
- In case of emergency, the patients can be directed through the IVR where they can ask for ambulance or some emergency services.

- Problems in pregnancy, after effects of medicines, precautions after operations or any sort of suggestions from doctors can be answered anytime since Hosted PBX services make the doctors available to their patients anytime.

- Calling hospitals to enquire about the reports is also an important benefit that customers get.

- Ease of consulting any doctor or specialist, anywhere through only one number. The patient does not have to maintain multiple phone numbers for different specialists.

For a doctor, serving patients selflessly is the biggest achievement. This can be achieved by using Virtual PBX. All the staff members can stay connected all the time and the patients can reach the doctors whenever they want to. So, Hosted PBX system gives an opportunity to the doctors to serve more patients and save more lives.

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