More businesses than ever use online webinars as a means to communicate with customers, with vendors, and with their own staff members that work in other locations or that telecommute from home. Technology has made the cost of running a business much lower and has been instrumental in slashing travel budgets.

Companies that leverage online webinars and conferences don’t have to sacrifice the effectiveness of a face-to-face meeting. A conference call doesn’t help you connect the same way an online meeting does. Today’s technology has made online meetings interactive and convenient. There are quite a few tools that are available to help you do more than simply speak to someone. There are great options that will let you leverage multimedia so that your online meetings are highly effective.

The demand for online meetings has resulted in many software and cloud-based offerings becoming available. Some of these tools are designed for larger companies but many are perfectly suitable or even suited specifically for smaller and medium sized businesses.

When shopping for software to help you with webinars and online meetings, keep the following in mind:

- Does the tool you are considering give you plenty of options for sharing information? Some tools offer white boards, audio, video, private chat, screen share, and other similar features. Look at a few options to see which solution best suits your needs today and in the future

(Tip: Try to think long term and choose a scalable solution)

- Does the meeting tool operate like an extension of your brand? Some tools enable meeting organizers to customize their online meeting rooms with marketing collateral. This may not be important to you but if it is, you should consider this when reviewing various online conference tools.

- The lowest priced solution isn’t always the right one. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the highest priced tool, either. Take a look around and consider signing up for something that doesn’t have a locked in contract. That way you can keep your options open.

- There can be bells and whistles offered with some solutions that make it much more attractive than another. Make sure you check some demos out so you can find the right solution. You will probably find at least a few options that will let you do a trial period for free.

- Cloud based online meeting tools can be a great solution that won’t cost you any internal IT resources. You won’t have to download software or tell your meeting participants to do that, either. Consider choosing something that you can use in a browser and something that’s platform independent so that PC and MAC users alike can benefit from it.

- This type of solution could be ideal for dealing with customers, vendors, and staff. Look for ways to use your online meeting software and you’ll undoubtedly get more return on your investment.

The trend for online meetings and conferences as a way to train, develop new business, and run day to day operations is expected to increase. The right tools can make you much more productive.

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